TikTok Luxury Real Estate Marketing By Example: 5 Agents Killing It

This week we kicked off the month talking about luxury TikTok marketing and why it shouldn’t be ignored. Having access to incredible luxury products and services means content creation is easy, and it should do extremely well on the TikTok platform. On top of that, it’s easy to utilize already made content to jump on and start gaining thousands of followers within a couple weeks…like right now.

TikTok for real estate marketing is anyones guess right now, but one thing is for sure, that a huge amount of views on a property and your personal brand are quickly possible. The algorithm can really work into your favor organically if you stick it out and spend a few weeks testing out the social media platform.

We’ve been having a great discussion on LinkedIn about TikTok luxury marketing, and the real estate agent voice has been very vocal. While we’re not sure of the exact ROI this early on, it will be very very interesting to see how it performs selling a luxury home.

I noticed @PillarProperties on TikTok early on and it’s run by Brandon Pillar of The Agency. He’s utilized the platform expertly to garner a massive audience, and a whole bunch of exposure for his listings. This works well in Los Angeles because there is a much younger, and just as affluent audience on TikTok and Instagram in these parts.

5 TikTok Real Estate Content

You know what’s crazy? Content like this by Silvano Barocio has garnered 160,700 likes and 800+ comments on a platform that is mostly a Generation-Z audience…

This hopefully wakes a few up to the branding and organic reach possibilities of the platform, because it’s only going up from here. Notice the use of features and custom edits in his video. I suspect much like Instagram, when a new feature comes out you’re going to want to jump all over it and milk it dry.You should get extra favor in the algorithm, and from the apparent “human” moderators that will screen content.

The beauty of content marketing on TikTok is that you can quickly shoot a few clips at a listing, pick a song and let the automatic clip editor string it together. That or take from your already made Youtube or IGTV videos and use clips that fit the TikTok narrative. Bigger brands are already pouring budgets into specific video editing just for the platform already, so its off to the races.

5 TikTok Luxury Real Estate Hashtags

To get your feet wet, here are the top general real estate hashtags on TikTok to get you started as they play an important role here. If your account is new though expect to have a bit of slow growth unless you knock the first two videos you upload out of the park. While you can use a few in your post, I usually tend to only stick to three and really narrow down the type of content you’re pushing.

Top 10 TikTok Real Estate Hashtags
  • #realestate w/ 251M Views
  • #realestateagent w/ 40M Views
  • #realestatelife w/ 8M Views
  • #luxuryrealestate w/ 8.3M Views
  • #realestateagents w/ 269K Views
  • #luxuryhome w/ 7.7M Views
  • #luxuryhomes w/ 10.9M Views
  • #luxurydesign w/ 1.6M Views
  • #luxuryhouse w/ 277K Views
  • #luxurymansion w/ 2.8M Views

These are just a small taste of the hashtags most used for real estate, but from here you’ll have to build your own list in a note file to make for easier copy/pasting when submitting. I implore you to also keep an eye on the trending hashtags on TikTok as they can be a great way to go viral if used in the right context. This is most likely one of the best ways right now to gain an audience and once your account is more popular, the views and follows come a whole lot easier with good content.

5 TikTok Real Estate Agents

The five luxury real estate agents that are killing it on TikTok right now make for great examples on how to do content, see what works and then go and start making your own. The best part, you can reuse the TikTok video and share it on Instagram and Facebook if appropriate to your audience. I also see travel and fashion brands doing extremely well on TikTok for actual sales potential from someone seeing a product.

Take note of the content that also doesn’t do as well, anything that puts your nose onto the scent of what the algorithm is liking at the moment can’t hurt. I also didn’t mean for most of all these agents to be from Los Angeles, it just happened to turn out that way due to the large amount of amazing homes here.

1. @PillerProperties

tiktok luxury real estate marketing

2. @StargelRealEstate

tiktok real estate marketing

3. @dkrizestates

tiktok luxury real estate

4. @DavisPfaff


5. @MissDubaiRealEstate

luxury real estate tiktok marketing

TikTok Real Estate Marketing Case Study

We’ve got one of our clients agreeing to start his TikTok real estate marketing journey with us and for the public to see and learn from. We’ll be announcing it soon and we want to collect good data, inspire others to take a stab at real estate TikTok marketing and grow their business most of all.

This case study will use a brand new account, be compiled of nothing but original content and we’ll aim to mix real estate listing videos in with lifestyle content we create. I’d like to showcase the importance of getting your account off to the right start, the first content piece uploaded is crucial to a quicker start to gaining organic followers. We’ll be tracking it all over a 3 month period as it does take time to get things in motion so long as we stick to a daily regiment of content creation and publication.

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