So just who’s behind the digital mask here at Luxury Branded? What makes us tick, and what motivates us to help our clients do something different? Our entire team has been hand selected by our CEO Ryan Clark for their expertise and fresh outlook on marketing as we know it. Take a minute to hear our history, learn where we’re going and meet a few friendly faces.

We hope you are encouraged to contact our team members at will as they’re always open to making new friends. It doesn’t matter if you have a marketing question, want to show us something cool or need to get in contact about anything, don’t hesitate. We’d love to hear from you and network within this great industry.

ryan clark luxury branded profile

The brains behind our own luxury brand and the visionary behind what our clients experience. Ryan has worked with some of the most bespoke and exciting brands offering a unique marketing experience you won’t find anywhere else. With over 10 years of experience building brands, Ryan strives to deliver results that exceed your expectations. He oversees every detail of every campaign and that’s the kind of boutique marketing experience you’ll get working with us.

Ryan Clark


Simon was educated in traditional marketing communications, with most of his experience in online marketing. He was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Vancouver and has traveled throughout Asia and Europe. He currently resides in the Mayan Riviera with plans to tour the Caribbean, Latin America on behalf of our team. His traditional and online marketing skills combined with his experience and culture gained from travelling globally has been an extremely important asset to Luxury branded.

Simon Gerard

Editor in Chief

Originally educated in business management but passionate about the Internet, Geoff left his job in business to start a company with partner Ryan Clark in 2008. Even before he started the company, Geoff was building websites in an attempt to create passive income streams from things he loved and, in doing so, he educated himself on various aspects of web design, development, social media, and, most passionately, marketing these websites.

Geoffrey Murie

Creative Director

Lindsay Gowland is easily the most artistically talented member of the Luxury Branded team. Having graduated with an arts degree in literature, which she is fiercely passionate about, she realized that she was in a totally saturated job market and honed her digital design skills. She has since created and contributed to numerous magazine layouts, websites, logo designs, rebrands, wedding themes, packaging projects and she has even published a children’s book featuring her animation and writing. Because of her eclectic and prolific skill set, she can create nearly anything and her fantastic taste assures that it looks way better than most.

Lindsay Gowland



What started as a venture into the world of luxury travel sales lead Ryan deep into a world of marketing and branding. After running an inbound marketing firm with a great team of bright minds, one common factor kept repeating itself. The luxury industry kept knocking at our door and so Luxury Branded was born. We have helped hundreds of brands both small and large execute marketing strategies that score natural links, garner buzz and most importantly of all, build a targeted audience. Our history is deeply rooted in helping clients do something a little…or a lot different.