Greece Luxury Yacht Charter Experience For Just One Couple

Today I wanted to take a look at this Greece luxury yacht charter experience that is truly one of a kind. So unique that it is in fact the only luxury yacht in all of Europe built for just one couple to experience at a time. Since Covid-19 has been a major disaster for the tourism industry globally, it is only just now that countries and destinations are starting to open back up. Greece is one of those countries and we just know a lot of people are itching to take a mental break and go on vacation again.

greece luxury yacht charter

This Greek luxury yachting charter experience is the perfect getaway for those wanting to avoid crowds and packed tourist destinations. Since this vessel is built for just two people, that means a small crew is only needed. To put your mind at ease, everyone is tested for Covid-19 before you board, and the cleaning and safety guidelines are taken extremely seriously by the crew and captain.

greece luxury yacht charter experience

To make you feel even safer, you’ll be happy to know that this boat cruises the Greek Ionian Islands which provide guests with a lot of isolated areas to explore. Sailing here provides you with the access to pull up to your own remote private beach, find unpopulated hiking trails and enjoy the waters on the many toys aboard ALEXA J for your enjoyment.

Since Greece is so reliant on tourism, you can also be whisked into port and visit the many cultural and iconic tourist destinations along the way. Everyone is taking precautions everywhere you go, so you certainly don’t have to miss out on a wine tour or a tasting walk through an olive garden. I for one would not want to miss out on the on-shore adventures in and around this magical part of Europe, so don’t let that stop you.

ALEXA J is now taking aboard guests for their epic voyages and prices start around $10,000 USD per night. If you really, really wanted…you can opt to bring your kid and turn one of the rooms into sleeping quarters. However, I’m thinking after nearly half a year of lockdown with them you might be wanting to drop them off at the grandparents for this trip. If you’re interested in this Greece luxury yacht experience I highly recommend you visit ALEXA Private Cruises to learn more.

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