We kept getting a lot of the same questions from potential clients so we thought we would create this on-going FAQ to help you out.

Please take the time to go over this as it should help you clear up any of the usual stuff. If you don’t have an answer don’t worry, we’d be thrilled to hear from you using whatever means you prefer. Have a question you think should be in the FAQ? Let us know with a Tweet, Facebook message or email.

Why did you create

Our success with luxury clients through, for both clients and us, built our knowledge of the luxury industry and how to apply our skills to market and build a luxury brand. We saw a gap in agencies providing this type of niche luxury marketing, so we saw the opportunity to fill it.

What do you look for in a client?

We love to dream big and clients who feel the same. We love clients who have energy and want to try something new.

How does a work relationship or campaign start with Luxury Branded?

We offer free proposals and are happy to chat about what we can do for you, but you can’t try our services for free because of investment of time to launch a campaign with you. Our success and survival relies on our long-term relationships with clients, so it’s our imperative not just to give a good first impression with our work, but to grow it into a valuable relationship for both of us.

What about budgets or pricing?

All our campaigns and services are tailored to each client to best suit their needs. This means our budgets and pricing are also custom, either to fit your budget or to meet your goals.

Can you work with my existing marketing team or marketing plan?

We are a small boutique style agency, so flexibility and personal service is one of our key strengths, so we can assist your team or add to your plan. Such as turn your events, graphic designs, advertisements or products handled by your team into online content, getting the most value out of your existing efforts and expenses.

If I’m too busy managing my business, with no marketing staff, can you help me?

We be happy to take the reigns and create, launch and manage your luxury marketing campaign and build your brand. We will report on our progress and are always available by email, Skype or phone. We manage our campaigns on-the-fly to make sure we’re adjusting parts that aren’t as productive or taking advantage of any new opportunities that come up. We’ll keep you in the loop and make sure you’re happy with any changes, so we’re always moving forward.

If you can operate solo or with us, can you also just act as an consultant to our existing team?

Yes we can act as an consultant to look and update your existing plan or offer an alternative. We can advise your current team to help them get them in the right direction and get the most out of their work. This could mean planning the creative for your content manager or blogger to execute. Or how to get more value out of your existing content or marketing activities. It could also mean advising on how to properly launch and manage your luxury content or social media campaign.

Do you work with non-luxury brands or businesses?

We are always open to discuss with anyone on how we can collaborate. Our services are more tuned towards clients in a luxury or a specialty niche business.

I don’t have a website or I’m not happy with my current one, can you help?

We can build one for you, with us specializing in WordPress for our websites and blogs. With our background in SEO social media, we can recommend the best plugins, addons and widgets for all your seo, content creation and social media needs.

Who have you worked with and can they provide references?

We work for most of our clients wearing a “white label” hat, meaning we act behind the scenes or as part of their existing marketing team. This helps our clients’ maintain their brand integrity and ensure all aspects of our campaign are aligned with only their brand and business. Please contact us and we can discuss references that best match our relationship together.