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Luxury Marketing On TikTok Should Not Be Ignored

TikTok is, and has been, a force to be reckoned with for at least a year now even though it’s just starting to become an absolute beast of a social platform. Luxury brands traditionally are slow to adapt to new platforms but this time around, as the social media is now the driving marketing force, an early adoption for a lot of companies. Let’s take a look at that current statistics concerning TikTok and examples of content marketing that is doing well.

As I near my 40s, as well at first resisted TikTok due to the fact I was just turned off by the type of content on here. While any kind of content can be put on TikTok, there’s a specific editing and theme style to how they’re done so you do have to pay attention to get attention.

TikTok Statistics

I think Instagram is sweating in their suits a bit as TikTok continues to steamroll over a billion downloads in the past year. This is where luxury brands will have to pay attention to their brand message, and just who the hell they’re trying to reach on the TikTok platform.

  • 500 Million Active Users Globally
  • Average Of 60 Minutes Per Day usage
  • 1.5 Billion Downloads And Growing
  • Most Downloaded App In Apple Store
  • 41% Of Users Between Ages 16-24
  • Massively Popular In India + China
  • More Than 1 Billion Video Views Per Day

These demographics mean TikTok lets luxury brands reach the emerging luxury consumer market that is India, as well continue to tap into China and build your brand. What gets us excited is the fact that you can post content right now and have 500,000 views on you within a few hours or overnight. Before this becomes an expensive and more difficult thing to achieve, now is the time to jump on the wave and market your luxury brand on TikTok before it’s too late.

TikTok Is Ripe For Brand Awareness

Right now you have a massive opportunity to build explosive brand awareness, especially if you’re in the fashion, beauty and health verticals. We’re seeing a lot of high end fashion brands quickly adapting on here and instead of taking the advice from me, hear from the man and the legend Gary V has to say about TikTok…and has been saying loudly for the past year.


TikTok Content Marketing

We as a marketing agency have been starting to see a lot of requests and questions about the content marketing style of TikTok, and how that can be done to match a luxury brand. The best course of action right now is to really just dive in and test what works, and then build as you go from there.

If you can scale your content marketing and push 6-12 pieces a day you can really snowball organic followers and reach to numbers we’ve not seen in a long while. You can play with your style, but we’ll take a look at a few luxury brands who have jumped in and reaped the early benefits of organic growth on TikTok.



Ready for the ##TBChallenge? Master the Thomas Burberry Monogram now

♬ Some Velvet Morning (feat. Kate Moss) – Primal Scream




It’s @celestemusicofficial getting ready for the ##GucciFW20 fashion show ##GucciTheRitual ##outfitchallenge

♬ Absolutely Anything (feat. Or3o) – CG5




Best TikTok Luxury Hashtags

Tiktok luxury marketing on this platform is all around good content and hashtags, and luckily it mirrors Instagram and you should be familiar with your niches top tags. For this post, we won’t get too crazy but I’ll showcase some of the main top luxury hashtags to use for your marketing on TikTok.

Top 10 Luxury Hashtags By Video Views
  • #Luxury Has 1.4B Video Views
  • #LuxuryCar Has 113M Video Views
  • #Luxurylife Has 117M Video Views
  • #Luxurycars Has 100M Video Views
  • #Luxurytravel Has 55M Video Views
  • #Luxuryhabits Has 12M Video Views
  • #Luxuryhotel Has 12M Video Views
  • Luxurylifestyle Has 21M Video Views
  • #Luxuryhome Has 7M Video Views
  • #Luxurywatch has 5.8M Video Views

To find more top luxury hashtags on TikTok just use the discover/search function and there is a section for hashtags, very much the same as Instagram. Start building your lists, or if you have some already from Instagram you can just copy and paste and take it from there. This is what we have done for now, and our hashtag list has evolved to over 1000 all broken down by sub-niches within the world of luxury. If you’d like to get that list, stay tuned because we’re giving it away free.

TikTok Luxury Marketing Strategy

This is a can of worms we’re not only going to crack open in the coming months, but we are deep diving into as they happen, including strategies and examples to help you build a targeted audience fast. Things will also change in their algorithm as people aim to game it and manipulate, as we tend to do as marketers.

Right now, we say just start producing content at scale on here for three months and see what kind of effect it has on your brand and engagement. Since you can cross pollinate content across different platforms, take that Youtube video and cut it into not only TikTok shorts, but then ship those off to your other social media platforms.

Join #LuxuryTok

We invite you to come follow our @LuxuryTok account where we feature three luxury brands content in a mini-show like setup. We will also be talking TikTok luxury marketing for brands in this space and overall help create one of the more unique theme accounts on the TikTok platform.

Don’t be like @Prada and leave over 100,000 luxury brand fans on TikTok waiting for the first post.

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