Spot On Superyacht Marketing By Example

I think it’s safe to say that if you need brilliant content for your superyacht, you cannot go wrong with the team over at Superyacht Media. I’ve recommended them to our clients and a visit to their Vimeo profile is always time well spent… Even during business hours. Take a look at their montage video that is not only done extremely well, but which will make you a little sad inside knowing what you’re missing out on in life.

This is also the kind of content marketing I’d expect and hope to see being developed to showcase any luxury product. This kind of content doesn’t come cheap, but it certainly can pay for itself hundreds of times over if done correctly.

Great content is the foundation to getting noticed – which leads to social followers, brand exposure, and those hard-to-earn natural links from trusted industry sources. Not everyone does this right, so I thought this company’s efforts were a spot on example of content done right.

I’m a pretty big fan and believer in video and mobile/tablet/app marketing strategies for brand exposure but it cannot be done without the right look and feel.

ISA Yacht’s iPad App

Take for example the work by The Superyacht Agency on ISA Yacht’s rebrand which came with a smashing good iPad app that showcased their brand very well. They nailed it out of the park with this app as it looks beautiful and its UX was done right.


Twitter With Social Influencers

A lot of the brands we speak with usually don’t put a lot of faith in Twitter, and it’s usually quick and easy to figure out why: they’re not utilizing the platform for what it’s truly good at, which is building key relationships and real-time communication with social influencers. It takes time and effort to build those relationships, but sometimes good fortune can come your way so know how to capitalize on it.

I recently saw a perfect example of this in action when @KevinHart4Real chartered a boat with Windridge Yachts for an event of some kind. This was a great way to gain a new follower that has mega reach on Twitter which can cross over into Instagram.

kevin hart superyacht

You could not ask for better marketing help than a celebrity when it comes to selling luxury goods. This picture above is hilarious, just like Kevin, and there was even some chatter on Twitter which is a good way to score a lot of eyes on your brand.


Beautiful PDF’s

I’m a big fan of utilizing PDF’s with beautiful content on SlideShare for a couple of reasons that you shouldn’t ignore. The PDF hosted on their site can rank well in Google’s search results, and it also offers your content to a large audience.

The only thing missing here is more promotion from Moran Yachts, plus having a PDF is great for getting a conversation going on Facebook/Twitter. They could also have a select handful of print brochures based on the PDF to send to people who request it. There’s a good chance one of those inquisitive people will turn into a customer down the road.

Get Fancy

While this “visual eye candy” style of social network is not exactly new, I don’t see that many active luxury brands utilizing this particular site’s potential. This is a site I check daily as a user, and eventually recommended our clients try it out as it’s usually within budget, and it can drive insane amounts of traffic and help get a brand’s name out there. You can check out our profile to get a taste of the awesomeness that is featured on here and think about diving in.

This picture got a large number of “Fancy’s” and drove large amounts of traffic to Superyacht World’s listing for this stunning yacht. There was really nobody else in the yacht space taking advantage of the traffic here, so just think of it as a viral launching off point. You get on the front page here and you’ll definitely see your product get picked up on industry blogs and forums, not to mention the social activity itself.

Lead By Example

If you’re doing something unique and exciting in the superyacht industry, fire me over an email and I’ll make sure to include it here. I don’t even mind if you’re a competing agency; I love to showcase great work whenever I get the chance. You can also send the links to us via Twitter over at @LuxuryBranded.

Ryan Clark
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