Sotheby’s Realty Canada Makes Good Use Of Social Media

While some luxury brands still sit by the wayside when it comes to social media engagement, that’s not quite the case with the team over at Sotheby’s Realty Canada. There are many uses for social media and sometimes technical support can benefit from it as well.

I had just finished reading their latest report on the Canadian luxury real estate market for 2013 and headed back to their blog. In that time I guess the site must have had a problem with Mysql as it no longer showed anything but a database connection error. While I imagine they have people monitoring, I decided to give them a heads up anyway.

I didn’t expect a response within a few seconds with an email already dispatched to their IT team… that’s incredible. I sent the message just after 9PM PST so I imagine a lot of people are just getting ready for bed, not fixing a Mysql issue. This to me is a perfect example of putting social media to work for your company. The whole point is to build an audience and make them feel like they’re truly a part of your brand.

A Good Team Is Crucial

Elaine Hung is the Vice President of Marketing over at Sotheby’s Canada and certainly has the social thing on lock. I’ll see if we can get her interviewed on here in the next few months so if you’re seeing this, give us a shout!

Being able to respond that quickly to your fan base is not easy to do for a lot of companies, but if you have the right team in place, it can be done. The tools to do it are out there and with a couple of great team members you can monitor brand mentions on the fly and react in real time.

Are you using any form of social media monitoring or engagement platforms? No? Read on!

social media management tool
Photo Credit: Sprout Social

There are multiple social media management tools out there and our team is used to Hootsuite, TweetDeck and Sprout Social. While that’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to options, you can read this or use Google to find the right tool for you.

I hope this opened your eyes a little more as to what social media can do for your business. It takes time, it takes patience and most of all it takes a creative mind to do it right. Engage, educate and enlighten are the three E’s we go by here at Luxury Branded when it comes to social media. Get out there and start interacting!

Ryan Clark
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