Places To Sell Your Luxury Goods Online

There is and always will be a second hand luxury goods market thriving and since the birth of the world wide web, the way we buy has changed dramatically. While their will always be brand new goods being pushed out in the world, there are still sought after older items such as watches, supercars and real estate. I thought we could provide you folks with all the tools you need to get your luxury goods in front of a global audience.

luxury marketplaces online

With any of the lists I do on the site know that I encourage you to email me and comment on places I missed. Time will go on and there will be new marketplaces, and I’m always open to list and link to the new ones that pop up.

General Marketplaces

These are not for anything specific and here you can sell your luxury goods of all types. I will also list a few places that are not entirely luxury centric, they just have the consumer lurking as well so we want to cover all our bases.

James Edition

james edition

Easily the most recognizable name in luxury marketplaces online and you can sell just about anything luxury related here. Not only that, but the site is a ton of fun to browse as they always have very rare and unique items for sale on here. Recently it looks like they’ve also partnered with The Robb Report to provide a marketplace on their website which means they have a HUGE reach! If you’d like to start selling or start browsing you can view them online

Luxury Marketplace

This is the newest kid on the block and is run by a team of great people with a passion for luxury and great customer service. Their social media team is second to none and if you’re looking to get a global exposure, this is the place to be listed. You can visit them online here

DuPont Registry


It was only natural that DuPont went from magazine marketplace to online over the years and there is almost no more recognizable name in the industry. It’s a general marketplace however the focus is only on cars, homes and boats and you can visit them online here

Luscious Portfolio

Luscious Portfolio

This is another newer site on the block and it looks like it’s just getting going. The marketplace is somewhat quiet but there are a ton of free ad posting options which is a good start. I don’t think it can hurt and if you’re wanting to get your goods on here visit them online

Watches & Jewelry

This specific sub-market of the luxury industry definitely creates a vibrant second hand economy and that has allowed for a few marketplaces to thrive.



This is easily the most well known watch marketplace online run by a great group of people. We’ve worked with our watch clients selling on here and it comes with the highest recommendation from Team Luxury Branded. To tap in to their huge international marketplace you can do so right here



Those into watches will have no doubt browsed this site and one time or another. They employ some of the most knowledgable staff and if you’re looking to get your watch appraised and sold, this is the place. Their team also has a big network of dealers that can get your watch sold to the right buyer. Get started online with them here

This is perhaps one of the best known watch brokers out of the UK and is run by The Swiss Watch Company. They have a huge number of monthly site visitors and their listings get good social media exposure. Definitely check out their services and give them a try if you have a great watch to get rid of. Visit them online

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