How Reddit Sold Our Client’s House

We help a lot of Realtors in the luxury real estate sector in marketing their extravagant properties and it’s something we enjoy doing quite a bit. We get to not only help create beautiful content but we enjoy the process of seeing those social shares and page views rise.

One day we woke up to an email from a client thanking us for our efforts so far as one of the pictures of the house was driving tens of thousands of unique page views. I finished up my coffee, proceeded to take a peek into their Google Analytics and noticed it was almost all coming from Reddit.

reddit houseporn

For the last few of you who haven’t heard of Reddit, it is a community driven site that is virtually just links broken down by interest. It allows you to build a newsfeed of what you want to see, content-wise, and enjoy a never ending stream of time wasting fun.

While you can submit something to Reddit that you have a hand in under your own account it has to be completely genuine. I’ve been a Reddit user for 8 years now and, while I use it for pleasure almost all of the time, I know how tempting it can be to submit something of mine for a hit of exposure. Moral of the story, don’t be spammer and most certainly only bring your A-game content to Reddit.

In our client’s case we had just built them a stunning new website as their previous one was, it seemed, from the 90’s. In addition to the website, we contacted some friends in the Realtor’s city to take considerably more stunning photographs of some of their listings. Along with the new development came with the much needed and simple social sharing buttons which of course we opted to have Reddit showing… you never know who’s going to submit for you so make it easy.

Some of the subreddits allow you to submit your own work so make sure you follow the guidelines of that specific section.

Reddit Loves Beautiful Homes

A House on Houseporn
Reddit works by subscribing to its subreddits and when it comes to real estate and architecture, you have a lot of options. I also advise people to soak in what goes on in here as it can lead to marketing ideas and inspiration you can put to use in your efforts. It will give you a feel for what sort of content is acceptable and successful in each subreddit.


With these subreddits alone, you’re looking at over 250,000 potential people to view your property and if you’re lucky it won’t cost you a thing. This is exactly what happened in our case when we noticed our client’s property sitting pretty at the top of /r/HousePorn. Don’t be put off too much by the name, either. It’s just a play on the word as you can see by the subreddit’s headline “Homes you can fap to”. If that puts you off, well then stay away from Reddit as you will surely not fit in.

While you may not stand a good chance at selling your home on Reddit, I couldn’t believe the lead that sold this $13 million dollar beach home came from Reddit. I managed to get our client to ask their new client about their Reddit activities and turns out he’s a normal user who was occasionally checking /r/houseporn for beach home inspiration. He just saw our beautiful picture, which lead to the listing’s page and by the end of the week our client had an offer and a deal on the table.

Ryan Clark
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