Real Estate Social Media Done Right: A Look At Luis D Ortiz

I’m a huge fan of Million Dollar Listings New York and I’ve been of course catching every episode weekly. I’m a huge fan of NYC real estate and this year the newest cast member Luis D Ortiz has been nothing but inspiring. Luis, if you do happen to read this I have a confession for you: I didn’t think you’d make it past the previous season. A few episodes in this year and it seems you’ve changed up your style quite a bit and I’m now your number one fan out here in Canada.

luis d ortiz

Luis D Ortiz has an attitude few people have, but all should. He loves life and it shows just about every time he opens his mouth. I always feel pumped up and ready to rock after watching him sell homes on the show and his charisma shines in his social media efforts.

I thought I could showcase some of what he does right and I don’t even think he means to in regards to marketing. He’s showing off not only amazing NYC properties, but what makes Luis the man he is. To me, this is the most important aspect of marketing for a real estate agent so get your notepad out and let’s go.

Four Foundations Of Real Estate #SMM

There are so many social media channels to take action on in your marketing efforts, especially as a Realtor. Since homes are visual “things,” the use of great images and well-done video are key to selling a home online. Luis has taken to social media quite well and the aspect I like the most about his efforts are that he is just being himself.

As a Realtor you are the brand and your personality defines how you do business and how people perceive you. I’ll break down some of the things I really like that Luis is doing, as well as some advice as to what he’s not doing.


mdlny luis fb

The Good:
This is always going to be a Realtor’s strongest social media ally as you can share all your prominent media from your other social streams. Luis is doing a great job of showcasing his Instagram photos that provide a good mix of business and pleasure.

His posts almost always receive thousands of likes, so his reach must be really quite good, as well as targeted considering how consistent the likes are. After just ten minutes of browsing Luis’s Facebook page, you feel like you somewhat know the guy, so spot on job there!

The Bad:
If I were advising Mr. Ortiz on what he could do to further his reach, I’d suggest that he ask his followers to share his property pictures more. His Facebook fans seem to be highly engaged, so if he simply asked for them to “hit that share” button if they loved it he would have his properties seen 10x more. Not only that, I would advise him to personally engage his influencers more. It’s called social media for a reason Luis!

I would also recommend to Luis that he pushes his listings on the group on a bi-weekly basis to keep his hottest properties fresh on the minds of his followers. You never know who in his friends lists have a friend who might be a buyer!


luis twitter

The Good:
Luis’ use of Twitter seems to have paid off big time and his follower numbers are climbing fast. He makes good use of his other content and always makes sure to share it, but the best thing about @LuisDOrtiz is that he actually interacts with his followers on a regular basis. Boom!

The Bad:
There’s not much to fault Luis on with his Twitter efforts, as he does quite a bit for a man who is insanely busy. If we were guiding his Twitter efforts, we’d encourage him to build a list of influencers in his group, as well as make a list of people he should get friendly with. Interacting with your influencers will lead to a huge upswing in retweets and new followers from their like-minded friends… Best of all, it doesn’t cost a dime, just a little of your time.


The Good:
Luis is killing it on Instagram, and thanks to all his sharing across to Twitter and Facebook, his follower numbers here are the highest out of any of his social channels. His selection of personal shots showcasing his daily life are extremely well done, and his property shots are beautiful but not too revealing.

The Bad:
This was really hard to think about and again like Twitter, there’s not much at fault going on here. Luis, if you’re reading, I’d recommend trying out more property showcase videos within those short twelve seconds. You can still really show off a unit’s highlights in that time frame, so give it a try.


The Good:
Luis has been driving a new Jaguar for this latest season, and during his shopping the good people at Jaguar Manhattan got him to do a video. This kind of cross-promotion is great for both sides, and when it comes to making your name known in your area, this sort of thing is essential.

The Bad:
Luis does have a personal Youtube channel, although the link on his website is broken and doesn’t lead to it, and his real account only has two non-real estate videos. Not doing amazing property videos in this day and age is almost a sin and I hope Luis ups his video marketing game in 2014-2015.

Going From Here

Luis doesn’t need to change what he’s doing by much, but I’d love to see him dive into Pinterest because he has access to some of the most stunning homes in the world. Hopefully Luis steps up his video game some more as well; if he reached out to luxury and property bloggers, he could easily use his celebrity influence to get even more global exposure.

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