Luxury Marketing Program at NYU

If you’ve ever considered pursuing a career as a marketer in the luxury lifestyle industry, you’ve probably wondered what the qualifications are; should you try to learn everything on the fly, or are there specific higher education programs that cater to preparing you for work in this exciting, dynamic field? While we have nothing against learning on the job, we have to admit that we’d be hard-pressed not to hire a graduate of New York University’s prestigious Luxury Marketing MBA Specialization.

This Luxury Marketing Specialization, offered through NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, will help students develop the unique skill set required to prosper in the luxury lifestyle industry. Students will learn how to tailor their more conventional marketing skills to suit the more competitive standards of the world of luxury, and will even get to study on the ground in Milan during Spring Break for a “Doing Business in Italy” course.

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If you’re interested in learning more about this promising academic opportunity, visit NYU Stern’s Luxury Marketing Page to see exactly what it entails course-wise and how you can sign up. If you’re already a Stern MBA student, you can also call Professor Russ Winter’s office at 212-998-0540 to discuss this program further.

Ryan Clark

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