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One of the best methods of getting the word out for luxury brands is still and will be for a long time to come is blog exposure. While most larger luxury brands just get their PR agent to send out news and sit back while bloggers gobble it up. For the smaller brands and lesser known you’re more than likely going to have to start beating down doors to get heard. So why not beat on those who already offer up people to freely write for their audience?

Guest blogging for most people is all about the link. Forget that entirely. Building your brand an audience and making them aware of the amazing products and services you offer is where it’s at. For those that follow my marketing posts know that I’m not the biggest fan of relying on “organic” search traffic.

You can start by writing for our blog!

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There are literally millions of eyes waiting for you right now with this list alone, and all we ask is that you don’t bring junk content to these awesome sites. You want to write content that’s so down right awesome that the reader gets your brand burned into their brain, and they come follow you socially. It’s all about exposure, as well as keeping that users lust for your product.

Head of Google’s Spam Team On Guest Blogging:

I just wanted to stress the fact that you have to very careful these days when you’re the one building a link to your website. There are very few ways that Google allows, so make sure you stick to highly related, high quality websites. I would also highly recommend luxury brands steer clear of picking their own anchor text for links. What does mean? Instead of making your link say “buy myproduct” you would just have the link be your site or brand name.

As of July 25th 2013, there has also been an addition to Google’s Link Schemes definitions that everyone should pay close attention to. The document now states:

Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links

Onto The List

Here are the sites the Luxury Branded Team finds to be of high quality and we highly recommend getting in touch with their owners. We would also like our readers to submit their recommendations in our comments below or give us a shout via email.

View Online Here:

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