Luxury Event Marketing Done Right: A Lesson By Hodinkee

I’ve been long wanting to write a post on luxury event marketing as I attend more events and we help clients come up with ideas for their brand. I wanted to use an outside source as an example and saw an opportunity the other day over on the @Hodinkee blog.


I really wanted to talk about event marketing in the luxury space and this post triggered the urge to write the post based on their NOMOS Glashutte event last week in NYC. Held at the 5th Avenue location of Wempe Jewelers, the Hodinkee team help roundup two hundred watch enthusiasts to welcome NOMOS officially to the USA.

According to the Hodinkee team, NOMOS has been available for about a year now in the Wempe store as well as Tourneau. This event was to let the North American market know they’ll be in a lot more stores in the coming years. The night was a huge success and I want to show you why we here love helping clients put together unique events, and how to bang out a ROI in the long run.

Before I get into the marketing aspects of event marketing take a good look at the photos below. Take notice how they’re encouraging engagement although bring people with phones to an event and you’ll end up with content. I really like how they hired stand-ins to wear shirts with the events hashtag on it.

luxury event marketing hodinkee

What I Love About Event Marketing

There are many reasons why I’m an event marketing fanatic and the main message I’d like to get across is that running a successful event channels a multitude of marketing channels. If you do things right you can pull off so much marketing win you’ll be dying to launch your next event. Let’s take a look at what you should expect to see when all the little pieces fall in to place.

Benefit 1: Gathering A Core Audience

One of the hardest aspects growing as a brand in this day and age is building a core audience that absolutely loves your product. Hodinkee helped bring out over 200 guests to the event that were not only watch enthusiasts, but many social influencers within the horology blogosphere.

Benefit 2: Cross Brand Promotion

Hodinkee not only got to work with NOMOS, but hosting the event inside the lovely halls of Wempe Jewelers on 5th Ave. Just think about the amount of followers and newsletter subscribers between the three. Just from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram alone they have over a total of 250,000 social followers.

Benefit 3: Organic SEO

An event like this is going to get the bloggers talking and this means natural links will flow your way. This is key in 2014 as Google frowns upon you building links. You have to do amazing things such as create content and not only be involved in your industry, shine as a leader.

Benefit 4: Gaining New Followers

Since there are so many social followers between the trio the trickle down effect should guarantee a substantial amount of people hear about the event. This is only going to do good things for your brand and a great way to build new relationships online and off. Just think of how many new subscriber

Luxury Event Marketing Resources

While we can help you plan and organize an event there are tons of resources out there to soak in. Over the years I’ve kept a good bookmark list and these are a few blog posts, PDFs and courses I highly recommend to take your event marketing game to the next level. These following resources will help you get off the ground and running so read up and even send me suggestions to link up.

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