Luxurious Outreach: Interview with Luxury Bazaar’s Lindsay Bedford

In the course of our work here at Luxury Branded, we come across a lot of high-end businesses that have their own unique marketing campaigns and methods. Sometimes these campaigns are well-done, and sometimes they’re not, but what really catches our eye is when we find a company that just “gets it”. Luxury Bazaar is one such company, offering fantastic public outreach across a wide variety of social media platforms, posting fresh content on an almost-daily basis, and building long-term relationships with its social followers. We recently sat down with Luxury Bazaar’s Lindsay Bedford to talk about how they do social media so well.

1) Tell our readers a bit about yourself and what you do for a living.

1.) My name is Lindsay Bedford and I manage the web content for Luxury Bazaar; an ecommerce business that specializes in the sale of high-end watches, jewelry and accessories. I also am involved in some of our marketing initiatives such as occasional blogging, and I run the company Instagram account.

2) Which social networks have you seen provide quality customers/branding/growth in regards to your luxury brand?

2.) I believe that Facebook is definitely our most useful social media network due to the way Facebook is set up. It’s the perfect platform for sharing information with customers/potential customers because you can share as much information as you want, whereas with other social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, you’re more limited with the breadth of information you can put out there. However, I do feel that our other social media platforms provide different social networking experiences that are beneficial to us as well. For example; our fairly new company Instagram luxurybazaar_com has allowed us to share images of our inventory in ways we were never able to before, and we feel that the response thus far has been very positive.

3) Have you seen any time wasted on any specific social network within the luxury space?

3.) I don’t think any time on social network sites is wasted time because any exposure can be good exposure. However, for luxury items, I do feel that it makes more sense to utilize certain social media over others. With luxury items, people either want to see them, or desire to gain more information about certain items of interest. So, any social media where you have the option to share a lot of pictures, a lot of written information, or both will be the most useful.

4) What social media tools does Luxury Bazaar implement to deliver “the goods”?

4.) At Luxury Bazaar we enjoy sharing information with our customers through numerous social media networks. We have a company Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, YouTube Channel and LinkedIn Account.

5) Have you noticed an upwards trend in regards to customer support being handled via your social media streams?

5.) I have definitely seen an upwards trend in customer support being handled via our social media streams. Sometimes I will receive notification that a customer has sent us questions in regard to certain items they would be interested in purchasing, or just for general assistance with something as simple as shipping questions. I think this is positive, because it shows that people are comfortable enough, and familiar enough with our social media to contact us in this way instead of strictly through your more standard forms of communication for business transactions.

6) I noticed you folks have a huge offering for both men and women. Have you seen a greater response from either of the sexes?

6.) At Luxury Bazaar, we pride ourselves on being, “a place where nothing is ordinary”, and I think our clientele, both male and female see this. I do have to admit, in regard to our social media, it seems as if we receive the greatest response from men. I believe this is due to the fact that we started as a company specializing in high-end watches, and a lot of horological aficionados are male. Also, high-end watches are much more of a niche market than high-end jewelry, which is almost a completely different animal. I think watch fans are hunting for watch information on social media, whereas people (predominately women) looking at our jewelry seem to stumble upon it, and see that we have jewelry definitely worth taking a look at.

7) Where can people reach you and how can they follow Luxury Bazaar online?

7.) I can be reached via my email address [email protected], or through my LinkedIn profile. Also, keep a look out for blog posts from me on the Luxury Bazaar Blog! In addition to contacting me, people can connect with Luxury Bazaar via all of our social media platforms I previously mentioned, or through our website or our eBay store .

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