Instagram Video + Luxury Brands = Win

Instagram for video has been out a little while now and obviously it’s quite the hit with users, but what about brands? So far I still think it’s still being under utilized although a few of the early adapters are seeing a great response. The right product is going to attract a lot more attention so I decided to look at the watch, yacht and hotel industries for this post.

Video for me just showcasing something in greater detail as well it definitely captures the attention of the younger consumer. Video also allows you to show a lot more off even if its only for 15 seconds.

So just how can you utilize such a short video for maximum effect? Well let’s take a look at a few companies doing what I think is the right job and we’ll go from there. Keep in mind you’re going to want to induce lust with your videos…yes, you read that right!

Video will give you a chance to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers and this is how you plant the shopping seed. Let’s see how these three brands are using Instagram’s video to show off the amazing products and experiences they offer.

// Mesmerizing Movements With @LuxuryBazaar

So you sell luxury watches and while pictures certainly are enough to get me drooling, a video will go the extra mile. This is especially more powerful when you showcase the movements of tourbillon, and that’s a great way to showcase a watch like this. I hope they keep putting out these kinds of videos because our whole team is wanting more. Give them a visit on the web via

// Hotel Life With @TheStandard

The Standard is a hotel that knows how to do social media right and their latest video of their newest drink surely wet my appetite. Too many of those and I might wet my pants, but that’s a different story. This video just gives you a quick peek at life at their hotel and is the kind of marketing that showcases the little things. Brilliant I say! You can check out their hotel and book a visit over at

// Superyacht Living Via @LuxuryBranded

I hunted and hunted for a yacht charter/brokerage that was utilizing Instagram and I couldn’t after an hour of looking. I decided to take matters into my own hands and went and shot Invictus which just rolled into town here in Victoria BC. This is a call to all the yacht companies out there not taking advantage of Instagram video to get on it ASAP! The right video will draw in some serious eyes and that’s great for branding.

// What’s The Point? Where’s My ROI?

I know ROI is a topic that often comes up in my meetings with new/potential clients and when it comes to social media, the waiting game is the only answer. It takes to time spread the word and while your content gets seen by 100,000 people who will never buy your product, there will be a handful that do.

People will talk, your message will spread(assuming it’s amazing) and this will lead to those little seeds being planted in the minds of the consumer. Spark up some emotion, make kick-ass content and build your audience around people who love what you do. After all, you love what you do too!

Ryan Clark
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