Luxury Brand’s Guide To Marketing On Vine

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Vine is the strange child of Twitter that allows anyone to create short looping videos much like animated GIFs. While it will never be a spotlight-centric social network, I do see a few luxury brands present and doing interesting things. This is truly a social network for a very young generation, but we definitely see some potential for brand building to be had on Vine.

What I love the most about this marketing channel is that it not only requires creativity, but allows you to tap into the “new rich” generation as well. Bear in mind that as time goes on, these people can be turned into loyal brand fans well into their adulthood. vs Instagram

Since Facebook has its impervious claws sunk deep into Instagram it has a much larger user base, and they allow you to do similar videos as well. If you have to decide between the two when it comes to luxury marketing, I’d personally recommend sticking to Instagram.

With that being said, it is also an advantage to be an early adopter and gain a mass following without much effort. If you can produce luxurious short videos 2-3 times a month then you should be in for an easy ride to amassing a large follower base on Vine.

Getting Likes & Revines

Gaining traction on here can start off with a viral bang, so if you can just put out some amazing content you could be in for a pleasant surprise. Luckily, those familiar with pushing a brand on Instagram and Twitter will jump straight to the #hashtags to get their Vine seen.

vine marketingBesides that, look to key influencers by searching hashtags for the best content and play nice and make some friends. It works like any other social network, and I think in Vine’s case being a luxury brand is going to help quite a bit.

We’ve also seen some success by promoting our clients’ Vines heavily on Twitter and Facebook, but nothing to write home about. I think it’s worth sitting down your marketing team and seeing if some creative brainstorming is worth a few hours of your time. At the very least your ROI will come in the form of having some fun with your brand.

Scoring Views

There are already platforms for collaborating with top Vine users where brands big and small are testing the waters. I like this strategy for Youtube as well, so it wouldn’t hurt to see if a company like can pair you up.

Besides that, there are a few avenues to explore when it comes to getting more views on your Vines. I’m only going to list a few but a quick Google search will result in even more places to submit your Vines to:

Best Of Vines
The Best Vines
Daily Best Vines
Vinedo on Youtube
Tags for Revines

If the content isn’t that great you’ll fall flat, so make sure to try your hand at 5-10 videos before throwing in the towel. Showcase video that’s playful, thoughtful, or that shows something really unique about your brand’s products.

Luxury Brands Already On Vine

There’s no easy search engine for finding brands on Vine from the web so it took some time and guessing to track down a few active luxury brands. From what I can tell based on what I’ve seen, the stream of updates is a lot less than Instagram, but again that’s to be expected since it’s a much newer platform.

If you can put together something really creative you stand a good chance to make it on one of those Vine compilation videos… That can’t be all that bad can it?



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What Do You Think?

I’d really like to hear from other luxury industry professionals and get their opinion, so the comments are open.

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