How Not To Market To UHNW Individuals

I came across a Tweet to a Freelancer job posting asking for help finding UHNW individuals by scraping the web for emails and contact information. Seeing this sort of request from a luxury company out there makes me cringe and they’re literally going to ruin their chances in the future. The worst thing you can do in this modern digital age is getting a reputation for having slimy marketing strategies so let’s all learn a lesson from this companies incompetence.

bad uhnw marketing

If you want to get on the radar of UHNW individuals and win their business please please please refrain from gathering emails without consent and emailing them. Especially in the jet charter business, you’re going to have to build your client list the right way.

These types of people are extremely busy and the last thing they’re going to want is more spam in their inbox or on their cellphone. Instead work on your core business first, offer a brilliant service and back that up with not only creative but strategic marketing strategies that do reach the UHNW.

Image Source: Wealth-X

Ryan Clark

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