Where The Worlds Largest Yachts Reside

Where The 100 Biggest Motor Yachts Come From
Superyachts are truly spectacular feats of marine engineering and luxury design, boasting top-of-the-line features and unparalleled sailing functionality. More than that, however, these gorgeous boats – typically being over 200 feet in length – also serve as a barometer for the luxury industry in a given country. The more superyachts you see being churned out in a country’s shipyards, the healthier its overall luxury sector probably is.

But in this increasingly globalized economy, with often unpredictable capital flows, which countries are actually producing the most superyachts?

worlds largest yachts

The fine folks at YACHTemoceans have put that question to rest once and for all with this fantastic visual guide to where the 100 biggest motor yachts come from, and if you head on over to their website, you can see an interactive list of all 100 individual superyachts as well, complete with sizes, names, and building years.

While it should come as no surprise that Germany is in the #1 position with 43 yachts, several other European countries – including the Netherlands (23) and Italy (6) – had strong showings as well.

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