Wine Decanters For The Aficionado

During these colder months I find myself putting back more red wine than any other drink, and yes even over whisky and rum. Before summer hits me here in Canada and the beer floweth I thought I’d take a look at some amazing decanters available. Don’t get me wrong, wine is great any time of the year, so why not have a unique decanter to show off?

I went on a quest tonight to find a good list for our readers and quickly found there was no shortage of options. You’ll find everything from one off custom pieces from artists right down to the amazing lineup Riedel puts out. Since I did mention there are a lot of options I want to see links to others I didn’t include in the comments below, so show me what I missed!

For those just wanting to view the pictures you can go ahead and view the galler here. If not continue scrolling down and find out the names of each and where you can buy these amazing wine decanters online…it’s unlikely to find a lot of these unless you’re in a major city.


1) Decanter By Etienne Meneau

Decanter By Etienne Meneau

This was done by artist Etienne Meneau and easily was my first choice for this list. I don’t think I’ve seen any other decanter come close to this one and earns major style points. The dow side to this one is that you’ll have to decide on taking out the wine as it looks spectacular in there.

2) The Rainman By Matilda Sundén Ringnér

rainman decanter

This is a one of a kind piece from glass designer Matilda Sundén Ringnér for Skruf Glasbruk. It pours gently into your glass through 8 tiny holes and should definitely let the air romp around as it pours.

3) Riedel Amadeo Lyra Decanter

Riedel Amadeo Lyra Decanter

This is one of many Riedel pieces going into this post and as you’ll learn if you haven’t heard of them before, they do it right. This piece is $359.95 USD and while it looks pretty cool, I wonder if the design allows for dust and whatnot to get inside too easily? I’d like to hear from the “whinos” on this one.

4) Le Petit Coeur

Petit Coeur Decanter

5) The Heart Wine Decanter

the heart wine decanter by kosmos project

Here’s another extremely unique decanter and sadly I cannot find much information about it at all anywhere. There was a blog post covering it from Belgium but it is no longer working. If you know who made this and where we can buy it please leave the clues in the comments below.

6) Heart Decanter From Cuore

heart decanter by cuore

Another heart themed decanter and if you look around there are more themed like this, and for good reason. They say a little wine is good for the heart so you can keep that in mind with this one from Cuore.

7) Twister Wine Aerator & Decanter

Twister Wine Aerator And Decanter

This decanter is said to reveal the full flowering of any red wine just about instantly. It introduces the maximum oxygen allowance by decanting it through its unique spiral aerator down into the glass decanter. This unique piece is a patented mouthblown, double-walled, 3-phase glass aerator that instantly multiplies oxygenation as your wine goes down into the core. This lovely piece can be yours for $125 USD from Williams-Sonoma.

8) Riedel Eve Wine Decanter“>Riedel Eve Wine Decanter

Here’s another amazing piece from Riedel called Eve which is sheepishly shaped like a snake as it is quite the temptress. This pice is $445 USD new and is mouth-blown which is the reason for its cost.

9) Riedel Black Tie

Riedel Black Tie Decanter

This is another mouth-blown decanter from Riedel’s amazing line up and it’s not so out there design wise and seems more practical. I’d be inclined to put something like this in my home, in fact I am currently in the checkout process as we speak due to a good deal on Amazon.

10) Riedel Escargot

Riedel Escargot Decanter

Once again Riedel makes the list here and this piece is also something I contemplated when shopping earlier today. The name says it all and this piece is designed to give the wine a double decanting effect as it’s used.

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