Visit to Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers in New York City

Back in March I was in New York City for business and got the chance to Visit Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers. At the time, I was heading to aSmallWorld party in a rush afterwards and after a several drinks there, I completely forgot to take any pictures of Truman’s or my hair cut, so I’ve included several press pics with my review below.

Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers in New York City

I heard about Truman’s through a Gilt sale, offering a discounted hair cut and spa package at their new Madison Avenue location. The price of the voucher was a great deal and the staff were also flexible with a substitution that didn’t affect the value, which was appreciated, as many businesses who offer packages or deal vouchers wouldn’t do the same. if you haven’t visited or read up on the growing trend of modern mens spas and barber shops, you most likely know the lack of appeal of uni-sex salons, which are always geared towards women. Truman’s first opened over 5 years ago, so I imagine the fine men behind this brand helped pave the way.

Barber chairs at Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers

Besides the male theme, more privacy is offered than at a regular salon for the services, such as dividers between barber chairs.  My favourite feature was the complimentary bar, which I’ve never seen at a spa, salon or barber before. So I was able to enjoy a few Dewar’s scotches and Heinekens and browse mens magazines while waiting at the bar/lounge area. I was also able to enjoy drinks during the services, which definitely helps pass the time.

 Open bar and lounge at Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers

I’m sorry to say I didn’t note who I dealt with that day, but the service was fantastic. I do recall the female stylist was quite attractive, which I hoped wouldn’t have the opposite effect on my hair. But after, I was extremely pleased with the cut. The other services were great too. Truman’s uses their own buzzwords to add appeal and a bit of humor for their male clients, such as the manicure being called “handshake maintenance”. Not being a regular to this kind of thing, it was fun getting my nails cut while sipping a scotch in the other. They also sell a curated selection of male grooming products and gifts as well.

drinks at Truman's

Gift display at Truman's

Even if I hadn’t used a Gilt voucher, the prices are very reasonable considering the level of service and the much more appreciated male-geared atmosphere. And if you’re one to enjoy a few drinks in the afternoon like me, this place is a bargain! After I received an email from Joe, one of the owners, asking how my experience was and offered a free upgrade for next visit which was a nice touch. I told him I had a great time and planned to blog about it in the future, so he also sent me a few press pics to help me out as well. So overall, Truman’s gets my full recommendation and I’ll definitely be stopping by on my next trip to NYC!

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