Luxury Branded at Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Season Photo Gallery

Wedding Dress at Vancouver Fashion Week

Over 24 seasons, Vancouver Fashion Week has continues to be the fastest growing fashion week, that features up-and-coming and popular designers with plenty of international influence. For anyone familiar with Vancouver, it’s also known for its fast growth and multiculturalism, making this event  a natural one for this city.

Luxury Branded at Vancouver Fashion Week

Over six days, this event draws over 20,000 guests, with that number rising with each bi-annual show. Simon from our team and Lauren from Lifescape Image sadly could only make two of the days of the Spring/Summer 2014 show, but managed to get a few nice shots to share.

Lauren Carbis - Lifescape Image and Simon Gerard - Luxury Branded

Lauren & Simon

We also want to say thanks to Aaron Ottho, a friend and regular to Van Fashion Week who donated some of his photos to our gallery. Our team had a great time at their first Van Fashion Week and look forward to catching more days at their Fall/Winter 2014 show in March.

Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

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