Tricked Out Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van by Bespoke Coachworks

Mercedes-Benz’s renowned Sprinter vans have admirably served as hotel shuttles, parcel delivery vehicles and police transports for years now… But how about as high-end executive limousines? That seems to have been the idea which prompted Bespoke Coachworks to build this customized 2011 Sprinter with more exquisite features than you can shake a Rolex at. To provide the passenger with the utmost privacy, a wall partition has been installed between the front seats and the rear section – and, quite naturally, that partition also features a 40″ Samsung LED TV, with another 26″ TV resting on the rear wall. The wall material will be uniquely upholstered with the owner’s personal choice of color, as will the matching headliner and all 7 AC duct outlets.

The 6 LED spot lights with independent control add plentiful lighting options, while the 8 window shades provide an added sense of privacy if so desired. The rear sound system, for its part, is 500 watts and features a 5-channel amplifier along with a dedicated subwoofer enclosure, all of which is balanced out with specialized interior wall noise reduction insulation. A bespoke controller allows the passenger to easily and independently control all of the rear entertainment and lighting with the push of a button, offering maximum control over the internal environment during road trips, while 3 pop-out laptop tables allow work to do be at any time. The exterior is similarly upgraded, with a chrome mesh grille, motorized sliding door, 18″ Forgiato wheels, and much more.

If all these photos have you interested in buying this one-of-a-kind vehicle, it’s currently on sale on eBay for $145,000 – which is a great deal less than its original price of $313,625 when it was brand new back in 2011. Whatever else you may think, there’s no denying that this is one unique and luxurious van.

Ryan Clark
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