Top NY Luxury Brands in 2013

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New York is no stranger to the world of luxury. From the Hampton’s to Manhattan’s Upper East Side, New York is steeped in lavish tradition. New York boasts some of the finest dining, high-end fashion, and most luxurious real estate in the United States. Within these three areas, here are three New York luxury brands that are tops in their respective categories.

Fine Dining – MEGU

First on this list, in the fine dining category is the Japanese restaurant MEGU.

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MEGU positions itself as “modern Japanese cuisine” and aims to bring authentic Japanese flavors and styles of cooking to New York that represent the 47 major regions of Japan. Meaning “blessing” in Japanese, MEGU combines traditional and contemporary Japanese styles from a team of selected chefs to create a variety of unique flavors.

Beyond just the food, where MEGU truly excels is in creating an overall experience. This is achieved through superior customer service and unparalleled ambience.

By using the richest fabrics and highest grade materials in its decor, MEGU compliments traditional Japanese accents with contemporary design to produce an atmosphere as unique and authentic as its dishes.

By going beyond just the food to create a complete dining experience for its customers, MEGU understands what it takes to be a top luxury brand for fine dining in New York.

High-end Fashion – John Varvatos

In the high-end fashion category, we have John Varvatos.

John Varvatos and the JV brand have been around for quite some time (the company was founded in 1999). However, throughout the years the John Varvatos brand has been able to stand out from other luxury fashion brands for its clear positioning and ability to stay true to that position.

Varvatos himself has often cited music, and specifically rock n’ roll, as the foundation of his brand. With clothing lines inspired by rock, many of the company’s ad campaigns have featured musicians.


Varvatos even opened a boutique at 315 Bowery in Manhattan, which originally housed the historic CBGB music club.

By staying true to its roots and seamlessly incorporating music into the brand’s marketing and the brand itself, John Varvatos has been able create a strong position for itself in the world of high-end fashion.

Luxury Real Estate – TOWN Residential

Finally, in the luxury real estate category, TOWN Residential rounds out this list.

TOWN Residential is continuing to grow its influence within the Manhattan luxury real estate market, recently expanding to ten locations with over 570 licensed representatives.

town real estate lookupnySince its founding in 2010, TOWN has quickly distinguished itself in the New York luxury real estate sector by employing a comprehensive approach that goes beyond a simple real estate transaction. Combining transparency of operation with local expertise and knowledge, TOWN caters its business to meet the special needs of its unique clients.

Positioning itself as an all-encompassing real estate services company, TOWN has seen tremendous growth and is recognized on this list as a leader in the luxury real estate industry.

There is a common thread that links these various NY luxury brands together. That common theme is strong positioning within their respective niches.

This idea of positioning is important with any type of marketing, but it is especially significant in the world of luxury branding where so much of your success depends on your image and how your brand is regarded.

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