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I had the pleasure of taking my friend from the UK on a trip up Vancouver Island with the destination of Tofino in our sights. While I call this island home, many flock here for our beautiful landscape that is made up of rain forests, immaculate beaches and abundant wildlife.

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Tofino has long been known for its beaches which means surfing, kayaking and enjoying life to the fullest. It has gone from a surfing town to what can only be described today as a hot bed for eco luxury at its finest. But don’t get me wrong, the surfers are still here and the people and tourists make this little island town buzz. I love it!

`I thought I could take a look at all your luxury options for staying and playing in Tofino and perhaps convince you to come visit. Keep in mind you get the summer fun in the sun, but storm season is during the winter months and the surfing lasts year round. Even just making a visit to watch the giant waves crash onto the beaches is itself worthy of a visit.

I think it should also be mentioned on just how to get up there. If you’re coming from Victoria BC then you’re looking at a 5 hour drive which is worth it. If you’d like to be whisked up there in no time then you absolutely must give Tofino Air a call. They are my goto people for when I want to quickly get up there for a visit and the flight is one of the most beautiful trips by air you can take.

Luxury Hotels In Tofino

There are a few luxury hotels located in Tofino BC that are so well known now I highly recommend booking well in advanced. You know if the campgrounds here fill up 6 months prior to summer, you better be on the ball when it comes to these luxury hotels. I’ve had the pleasure of staying at the first two so I will recommend them first and give you luxury travellers the low down on what else is out here.

The Wickaninnish Inn

Wickaninnish Inn Tofino Luxury Hotel

I will never forget my stay at the Wickaninnish Inn and it will always be my first recommendations for friends and clients when they roll into my neck of the woods. I hate to play favorites but since I’ve been here a few times I’ve really had the pleasure of taking this place in and all they offer..well almost. The Wickaninnish has a plethora of extra packages and pleasure options that will keep your mind blown time after time.

The Wickaninnish Inn has one of the best locations in the town with 75 luxury suites facing the Pacific ocean.

Its location is a short 5 minute drive from town or you can borrow one of their bikes and enjoy the flat ride in. The most memorable thing about this place for me besides the service and location, was without a doubt the food at The Pointe Restaurant. While this is just the tip of what they offer, check out them out online everywhere;

Facebook: /WickInn
Twitter: @WickInnBC
Youtube: /WickaninnishInn

Pacific Sands Beach Resort

pacific sands beach resort tofino

Back when I wasn’t single I had the pleasure of taking my current girlfriend at that time here for a romantic weekend getaway. This place is magical to say the least. The Pacific Sands Beach Resort offers beach from access as well and what I loved about this place were kitchens in every suite. We had a blast walking into town, grabbing the finest local ingredients and eating it from our deck as we soaked in the sights.

pacific sands beach resort view This eco and pet friendly resort has all the luxurious comforts and I personally recommend getting yourself situated in one of their hot tub suites. The deck is huge and not only is it fitted with a large hot tub, it also has a BBQ ready to grill up local cuisine while you watch the waves crash in. It truly doesn’t get much better than that!

This place is usually booked up in advance during the summer months, so make sure you are prepared and check availability early in the year.

I had the pleasure of enjoying an incredible outdoor BBQ that is provided summer-round by Chef Tim May. This is the go to beach BBQ that gets you access to some of the finest local cuisine….and and the BBQ is not some fancy store bought one either, it’s the real deal outdoor by hand and done with love.

Facebook: /PacificSandsResort
Twitter: @PacificSands
Youtube: /PacificSandsResort

Luxury Home Rentals In Tofino

There are many luxury home vacation rentals in Tofino and sadly a lot of the websites serving them look so bad I didn’t want to recommend much. I have found a few that are superb anyhow and these are, purely in my opinion, what you should take a look at if you’re wanting luxury.

This site has a whole host of vacation rental properties in Tofino, some I would call luxury. The locations are great, the homes are big but I find a lot of the furnishing quite outdated and for the price you pay, I’d expect better. They however do have a great selection with homes just off the town on the ocean as well right downtown with views and access of all the action.

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The AirBNB website is a huge favorite of mine for finding a unique stay just about anywhere I travel, and they no doubt have one of the best spots in town listed.

tofino penthouse rental

This is without a doubt my pick for a luxury Tofino getaway pretty much right downtown. I know a lot of people prefer being just outside of the main touristy spots, but its smack in the middle of all the fun. If you’re going to fly in via Tofino Air, you can literally walk your bags up to the place after you land.

This Tofino penthouse is privately owned and used as a second home, so it is well looked after and the furnishing are top notch. This place defines west coast luxury and at $500/night, you’re getting a great deal.

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I am always looking forward to covering new and unique places so if you got something that deserves to be on our website, get in touch.

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