The Cognoscenti – Touring Scotland In Classic Cars

While last week we talked about driving the worlds hottest supercars throughout Europe with Ultimate Driving Tours, this week we’re going to get a little old school. The Cognoscenti is a unique driving experience through Scotland in some of the world’s most lovely classic cars. Since it’s not quite driving season over there you can perhaps take note of this and get involved in their Spring 2013 driving experiences.

I’m happy to say that the co-owner David Goodwin of The Cognoscenti is a recent Twitter follower of ours and we’ll try and coax him into getting us some exclusive video for LBTV episode 1. For now I’ll give you the details and some of my favorite pictures of this truly exquisite driving experience.

I’ve never been overly into classic cars, but getting out on the open road and seeing the world by car is my favorite thing to do. Scotland offers some of the most beautiful driving scenery in the world, so if you’re like me, add this to your bucket list.

The only downside to this experience is that you’ll need your own classic car to take part of any of the tours. It however, does make me wonder if the chance to copilot someone else’s car might be a future option via their website. Those whom are able to make the drive or get transportation are looking at a busy 2013 touring season.

What’s Coming in 2013

If you’re planning on taking part in The Cognoscenti experience next year I want to urge and remind you to bring your camera for the sake of the readers. I can only see this event getting larger in 2014 as word gets around, especially as classic car sales are on the rise.

The 2013 year offers events in the spring, summer and the onset of fall in October.

// Spring

There are two events during the spring as the winter weather leaves behind the Scottish landscape with summer just around the bend. This is a magical time of year and starting in April travellers will be able to take part in the one-day drive with lunch and an optional overnight stay. The second event is in May and it’s another day drive with a lunch meetup.
// Summer

For those looking to get away a little longer will enjoy the Scottish countryside with the tops off and the windows down starting in July. This is the first three night drive through some of Scotland’s best driving roads over a long weekend. In September, before the weather gets too cold the longest event takes place which includes a 5 night Scottish tour. This is for serious car lovers and definitely the trip I’d love to experience.
// Autumn

For a one-day cruise in the crisp October weather there will be one last day drive with a lunch before the driving season comes to a close.

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