The Brando Is Opening Fall 2013

For those looking at experiencing one of the future’s most well know eco-luxury resorts, you’re in luck this coming Fall of 2013! The private island of Tetiaroa was once owned by the man himself, Marlon Brando, and was discovered while scouting for filming locations. Today, it is home to a luxury eco resort fittingly named The Brando.

Prior to Brando’s time, this island used to be used as a vacation spot by Tahitian royalty, and after you see what they have in store you’ll know why. This coral reef “island” is not accessible by boat, so the airstrip makes for an easy landing on a private jet.

The eco-luxury resort is set to open quite soon and it’s definitely now on my list of places to see in my upcoming travels. For now I’d like to showcase what this place is offering and why you should think Brando.

It has been a while since I had a resort featured on here and I’ve been meaning to cover the eco tinge moreso, as the rest of the world seems to be destroying itself. It’s also nice to see an affluent business working for the planet instead of chipping away at her soul for profits.

The Brando Resort

Tetiaroa The Brando Island

I couldn’t start with any other fact about this island other than it was set up to take care of itself. This place was and is very special to not only Brando, but the exuberant wildlife that brings this place to life. 167 (and counting) species of fish and countless types of birds rely on Tetiaroa for a place to rest and feast. With that being said, it’s extremely important that this place not only survives, but thrives.

The Island’s history dates back to 200 BC, with the local people using it for many reasons but mostly rest and relaxation. Captain Cook came here in about 1769 and learned of this hidden heaven on Earth. While this little spot had its luxuries, it is said to also have been a place of religious sacrifice. All in all, it is a paradise rich in history and now it’s nearly ready for the world to enjoy responsibly.

There are three types of vacation villas awaiting you on the island, each offering the comforts of a Polynesian lifestyle. There are one, two and three bedroom villas for your stay and each one offers a very private experience. You’re literally surrounded by the rich and lush vegetation including the delightful coconut tree.

the brando resort villa

The villas offer all the comforts of home, including eco furniture and even TV and a stereo to enjoy some time escaping from the sun. The entire resort is also blanketed with WiFi for those like me who cannot seem to escape their internet addiction… Especially those who rely on it for work.

One of the more unique features is the outdoor bathtub and dipping pool to keep you cool throughout the hot day. It also seems like clothing is optional in your private area, according to the subtle wording of their website copy.

What To Do

Relax first and foremost. This is a place to unplug, unwind and indulge in life’s greatest pleasures.

the brando resort lifestyle

Food & Drink

The Brando is going to be offering everything from fine dining to the most fun water-based escapades. As for you foodies, you can expect a comfortable oceanfront dining setup for anyone and everyone. As well, there will be a 20 person fine dining restaurant for a more intimate experience.

As for myself, I think I’d go straight for “Dirty Old Bob’s Bar” which pays homage to Mr Brando’s old friend. They became great friends while filming movies and would end up at the bar after each hard day on set. This place pays respect to Bob and I think it’s got a great name for a place to grab a delicious drink. This just shows the team over there at the Brando has a good sense of humor and I really hope to enjoy a drink there someday soon.


Being surrounded by lagoons and the ocean means you’re going to experience a lot of fun in the sun. You have the option of just relaxing on the beach all day taking in the sun, or indulging in one of many water-based activities. For me, I’d be out on the paddleboards as I’ve recently gotten into that here in Victoria. You can also take a kayak out or a Polynesian style canoe to explore the many nearby lagoons.

The Spa

What luxury resort would be complete without a spa on the premises? Spa Arii Vahine, which means “The Queen’s Spa,” is located steps from a pond in the heart of the resort. From here you can experience ancient holistic treatments inspired by Polynesian traditions, something you don’t get every day that’s for sure. You will also find steam baths, a relaxation centre as well as a place to take on your daily yoga activities.

Luxury Private Residences

the brando luxury residences

For those who fall in love with this place just as Brando did, you will have the option of buying a plot on here for a home away from home. While details are scarce at the moment, it looks like you will be able to inquire come 2014 about buying property on this island. The residences page on their website also does state that it will be oceanfront property as well, but would you expect anything less?

Ready To Book?

There isn’t a lot of information quite yet as to when they will start taking bookings but I’ve scrounged up some information you can use if you’re really inclined to find out.

Email: [email protected]

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