The Texas Penthouse With Its Own Rooftop Mini Golf

Today we’re looking at a very unique penthouse in Fort Worth, Texas, which has its very own mini golf putting range up on the rooftop deck. You know I’m always on the lookout(submit your listings) for unique properties to write about about, and I this listing certainly is up there with the others I’ve covered before. This however, is definitely the first time I’ve seen a putting green in a condo.

This penthouse is located in the Neil P. at Burnett Park condo building and has been a highly sought after place to live ever since coming onto the market. This penthouse is the crown jewel of course and there just is anything else like it in Texas. Let’s take a stroll through the 4,100 square foot unit, but mostly focus on the 6,000 square feet of lavish rooftop luxury that also allows for the room for this mini golf putting green.

The Texas Penthouse With Its Own Rooftop Mini Golf

It’s unusual for penthouses in new buildings to be this large and that’s because this sure ain’t a “new building” by any means. This was the home of the Neil P. Anderson Cotton Company and this building has been here since 1921, almost one hundred years now. The design was done by Fort Worth based architecture firm Sanguinet & Staats, and later saw use by an insurance firm up until 1977. They were about to demolish this historic building, but at the last minute a group of investors swooped in and bought the place out.

In 2004 this building was turned into luxury condos and the penthouse with the mini golf we see here today is a result of all that. This unit is one of the larger penthouses on the market across the entire US, but none of them have features like this place. The 6,000 square feet of rooftop fun offers even more than golf including an outdoor kitchen, bar, lounge area, lap pool, hot tub and an observatory deck at the very tippy top of this penthouse giving you 360 degree views of the city.

While we’ve showcased the mini golf, let’s take a look inside the 4,100 square feet and see the unique bits and bobs that make this palace in the sky stand out even more. There’s a bit of madness to the interior layout and we mean that in the best way possible. That’s because there is a method to it and within the 4,100 square feet you’ll find three bedrooms and four bath. There’s also an office, wine storage and smart home technology throughout to control various aspects of this home.

The master bedroom ensuite is a sanctuary in itself and the walk-in closet next to it has room for everyones clothing, shoes and jewelry. There definitely won’t be fighting for space in here. The views from up here are incredible from the bedroom area and your private bathroom has a large skylight in it for natural light and or stargazing. The quality of finishes used in here are at the top end and you really do get an incredible bedroom space to enjoy.

This golf lovers penthouse in Fort Worth is now on the market for a cool $5,950,000 USD listed with Ashley Mooring of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Realty in Texas. Rare properties like this don’t tend to last and you can email Ashley directly or call 817-706-6344 to book a viewing or learn more.

Considering that homes spend on average 28 days on the market in Fort Worth in 2019, you may want to ring her sooner than later. One more last minute reminder as well to email us your unique listings as we love to cover them here on the Luxury Branded blog.

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Photo Credit: Briggs Freeman
Price: $5,950,000 USD
Sq Ft: 4,100 interior, 6,000 outdoor

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