Tacori Jewelry Event at Rodan Jewellers

While talking with Tacori’s CEO about just how well they do social media, he mentioned that his rep would be in Burnaby showcasing some of their new engagement and wedding rings as well as some of their evening wear. Knowing this was one of the few places in Canada you can even buy the brand, Simon and I headed out to Brentwood Mall and met the awesome people behind Rodan Jewellers and the rep for Tacori. Tacori is a famous American brand that is a top choice across the States, but we don’t get as much exposure or distribution up here in Canada. We had to head over and take some shots when given the opportunity.

Tacori  Pretty in Pink Collection

Tacori Pretty in Pink Collection

Tacori was founded in 1969 in California, where their jewelry is still designed and handcrafted to this day. They also remain family owned, making the an exception among all the big names in jewelry hailing from Europe. They are most known for their wedding jewelry and their focus on platinum. While platinum is making a comeback, golds are still hugely popular. When talking with Tacori’s west coast rep Travis at the event, he brought up a good point about the choice of platinum for wedding jewelry. It is just much more resilient and pure compared to gold, just like I hope at least 50% of all marriages out there are.

Tacori Moon Rose Collection

Tacori Moon Rose Collection

There were plenty of highlights from the event that covered a range of wedding, engagement and fashion jewelry. One collection we looked at was the RoyalT, which was a top-of-the-line engagement ring collection, featuring platinum, white gold, plenty of diamonds and their signature Crescent Silhouette. Another engagement collection takes in the current popularity of rose/pink gold with their Pretty in Pink collection, which provides a unique contrast between the pink gold and white diamonds.

Tacori Truffle Collection

Tacori Truffle Collection

A couple new jewelry collections caught our eye, the first being their Moon Rose collection, which all use peach moonstones for a warm, soft glow. Rose gold is heavily used to match, along with diamond accents and some mixed gold pieces. Another was their sultry Truffle collection, which features the use of their truffle-colored quartz stone. Pieces from this collection feature rose, white or mixed gold and diamond accents.

Click bleow to view our gallery and for more info check out Tacori.com.

If you’re in the Vancouver area and want to try some of these beauties on, visit Rodan Jewellers.

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