Superyacht Invictus Invades Victoria

I couldn’t help but notice the 65m superyacht parked in the harbour here in Victoria BC and just had to get a close up shot. While this city is no stranger to superyachts, they’re usually not here for this long and I tend to miss them more than I’d like to. But not this time. The summer of 2013 has been exceptionally busy for me and the rest of the team here, so it was a nice excuse to slip out into the sun and shoot a superyacht.

This boat has rarely been caught in the wild as it was delivered on July 1st and has been seen testing the seas out here on the west coast. It was built for a client in North America, but the owner’s real identity is kept a secret for now and I imagine it will be that way for a while.

I’m extremely happy to have had the chance just to stand next to her and take it all in. She is a beautiful ship at the folks at Delta Marine did an amazing job with this vessel in and out. While I only got to see the outside, the crew onboard was hard at work making her shine and even redoing some of the tiles on the back deck.

I hope her maiden voyage was a successful one and just yesterday I saw her lounging around the waters just off of Oak Bay…perhaps waiting to sail back down or up the coast. Vancouver has seen its fair share of superyachts rolling through town this summer and I imagine they might want to go check the sights out there.

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Ryan Clark
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