Nuclear Bombs, Giraffes, Space Travel And Other Strange Client Requests. What Steve Sim’s Reddit AMA Taught Me About The Luxury Business

Just another day’s work for Steve Sims, CEO and founder of The BlueFish which is an executive concierge company that makes dreams happen. Sometimes those dreams are a little over-the-top, and it was one request in particular that got my attention in Steve’s Ask Me Anything thread (AMA) over on Reddit. While we joked about being put on the NSA watch list for the title of this article, I wouldn’t doubt that the Reddit thread was either.

bluefish nuclear bomb request

Obviously that was a dream someone was not going to have come true and Steve was quick to distance himself and his brand from it. While that’s an extreme request, it is also a quirky angle that’s unique to their brand and could be used in their content marketing efforts. As you can see, I couldn’t resist.

Another topic I wanted to get across is the use of AMA’s on social networks such as Reddit because it allows fans and new fans to discover the people behind the brand. To put things in perspective, that particular subReddit has over 5,748,315 readers as of the time of this post. That’s a huge amount of people to get your brand mentioned in front of without any form of marketing or trickery. While it wasn’t the largest of AMA’s, it had a lot of great information in it, especially for anyone in the luxury industry.

Steve Sims On Relationship Building

steve sims on luxury relationship building

This is a very important aspect to not only the luxury industry, but to any business really – although a lot of people tend to forget it. I know I personally fall behind in this area quite a bit as I meet so many people online and off, although I’m terrible at keeping in touch. It of course works both ways and also puts your brand in the mind of the other person, and you never know what that will lead to.

On Being A Startup In The Luxury Industry

steve sims luxury startup

We’re still in the startup phase as a lean team always looking how to grow that extra inch, and while we’re doing all right, it will just take time.

On Work + Life Balancing

steve sims work family balance

I tend to work all the time and have yet to master the work and recreation paradigm, although Steve reminded me here that it’s good to get out. Not only is it good for your mental health, but make sure you also work in some form of exercise.

Importance of Client Privacy & Trust

steve sims client privacy

The majority of our clients want their privacy respected – which is fine with us, although I do love writing about interesting campaigns we do here in-house. The luxury business, as any other, runs on trust and building that with just a few clients will lead to many new names on the billing list.

Learn More About Steve & BlueFish

I would definitely recommend you check out the marketing strategies Steve and his team have put to test over at The BlueFish and learn a thing or two. I also quite admire how they’ve further developed their brand with A Taste Of Blue, as well as an upcoming project that aims to raise money for charities that put that money to actual good use.

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