Luxury Startup Starlux Is An Airline With BMW Designed Cabins

Starlux is set to tackle an interesting niche within the aviation market in Asia, and they’re fast tracked to be flying the globe within months(January 2020). This ambitious project is masterminded by Taiwanese aviation executive and former EVA Air chairman Chang Kuo-wei. He’s teamed up with BMW to deliver a unique flying experience for those that want a bit of luxury on their airliner.

Starlux will be initially flying to Macau, Da Nang, and Penang, with other Southeast Asia destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand being added sometime in 2020. They will be launching with the Airbus A321neo which will have the flat-bed business class, as well as 180 economy-ish seats which is will be comfortable for longer flights. They will also have a 10-inch SD screen, USB port for staying charged and comfortable leather headrest.

Starlux Luxury Airline Taiwan

BMW Designworks is involved with the premium cabin design which brings beautifully blends classical dark grey with touches of rose gold. The rest of the seat shells will sport BMW’s exclusive ‘A72 Cashmere Silver’ colour which goes with the overall look and feel of the lavish interior space.

They plan to extend their fleet in 2021 to allow for more routes as they aim to take a good chunk out of the business travel market in Asia. Business class jets and airliners are only getting more innovative and its those extra perks that will attract that niche traveler class. This region of course is only going to see more economic growth and an ascending number of affluent millennials and HENRYs wanting that class of travel.

I will hand it to them thought, they’ve managed to pull together a great team since inception only a few years ago. They have a clear path to growth in the next few years and seem to know what the market will demand. The Starlux fleet is targeted to grow in 2021 with the purchase of Five Airbus A350-900s. This is aimed at expansion to the west coast in America with plans for a dozen of the larger A350-1000s from 2024 onward.

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