King Of England’s Antique Sex Chair Goes Up For Sale

This is one of those fun finds(thanks to @luxuryresidenceca for the tip) out there in the great world of the internet and it is certainly a unique “luxury” item to say the least. They say you learn something new everyday, and today that quote never has been more true. I had no idea “love chairs” of this sort were around before the 60’s but I stand corrected. In comes the siège d’amour, living proof that your ancestors were just as kinky as our generation.

Commissioned by Edward VII(Prince of Wales and later king of England) with the discreet cabinetmaker Louis Soubrier in 1890, it was set to deliver a royal experience in a not so royal place. I can only imagine how hard it would have been for Mr. Soubrier to keep this little secret from friends and family.

“The design allowed the infamous playboy prince to amuse himself in numerous ways, including with two ladies at the same time.”

This elegant but sturdy example of craftsmanship is not an original used by Edward VII himself, but just one of three made to mirror his original design. The actual one can be found tucked away somewhere by the great-grandson of the original 19th-century cabinetmaker, and I don’t think he’s selling.

Yes, those are foot clamps and no, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

The Prince Of Wales had his commissioned to be used in the Parisian bordello Le Chabanais, a place known for its opulent naughtiness. The most notable feature built into the chair, by order of the King, was so he could please two women at once comfortably within its confines. Certainly a high caliber build quality was needed in order to handle all that pressure.

“Another example can be found on display at the Museum of Sex in Prague.”

While I hold back my childish impulses to add a pun in every other sentence, this chair is serious business. It is one of three known and the other example can be found on display at the Museum of Sex in Prague. The renowned auction house MS RAU Antiques has one of them for sale at $68,500 USD, and I can only imagine where this chair is headed next.

If you’re ever in New Orleans, stopping by their place is one of the best things you can do in town, even if you’re not an antique lover. You will be after your first visit.

Siège D’amour Chair

Photo Credit: MS RAU Antiques

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