How To Sell Luxury Online In China[VIDEO]

I’ve been watching through a lot of the Thoughtful China video podcast episodes lately and thought I’d share this one with our readers. The guests were great and had quite a bit of good info from Glamour Sales China CEO Thibault Villet. We’ve recently been taking on a lot of client work marketing more to Chinese customers online and it’s a topic I’m going to be addressing on the blog a lot more lately.

For small to medium sized companies it’s literally like one of those scenes in a movie where someone comes over to your desk and piles on a mountain of files to work on. An effective social ecommerce strategy in China will require a good amount of man power to gain entry properly.

We’ve been learning this hard the way as it’s not easy to not only get the accounts up and running, branded properly and then the act of updating daily. This is what we’re going to try and make easier for companies that don’t have a large workforce, not the funds to hire an entire team on-site. For now enjoy this video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Ryan Clark

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