Scott Galloway Talks On The Future Of Luxury

Professor Scott Galloway gives a great talk on where luxury is heading in the near future and we thought our readers should be privy to this. For those who have never heard of Scott he teaches Brand Strategy at NYU Stern, as well founded the L2 Think Tank out of New York.

Professor Galloway likes to work with big data and that means he can spot trends. In this talk he points out a few interesting coming shifts to the luxury market and I think we should be paying attention as marketers, more so especially if you’re an executive.

If you liked this talk you can find more videos of Scott on Youtube, as well he’s written so many great articles you should have already been reading. If you’re thinking about where to go for post secondary, consider Mr Galloways branding strategy course as it comes highly recommended. If not, you can always follow him online.

Website: L2 Think Tank
Twitter: @ProfGalloway

Ryan Clark

Ryan is the founder of Luxury Branded and is a branding and marketing strategist for our clients. If you'd like to schedule an hour long free consultation on how and what we can do for your brand then please get in touch.   Follow him on Twitter: @LuxuryBranded Google+: +Ryan Clark as well read his personal blog Luxury BC.

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