Rossling & Co Watches – A Crowd Funded Watch

I’ve backed this Kick Starter project and I’m looking forward to being one of the first few hundred owners of this slick new watch that’s on its way to production. While this watch may not cost thousands of dollars or even come from a team of Swiss watchmakers hidden away in a room somewhere, it does – however – have clout.

Crowd Funded Elegance

What started out as a quest for a new dress watch by one of the Rossling brothers that was affordable, versatile, and beautiful ended up with them creating an entirely new watch. While I may disagree a little with them on the fact that there are no good low to mid $XXX options on the market, there’s nothing quite as sleek as what they have coming out.

I’m a sucker for tweed so I’m glad they decided to go with that for the strap. It is both casual and dressy enough so this watch is definitely going to get a lot of use on my end.

rossling co watch 1

According to their campaign, Rossling & Co watches are ready for production. The only thing missing on their end is the initial order fee in which they need a minimum of 300 watches to keep the price on the reasonable side.

The first 100 backers will get a watch for $99 ($60 off the retail price of $159). The next 200 backers will get a watch for $119 ($40 off retail price) and all other backers will get a watch for $129 ($30 off retail price). If you’re in North America and a backer then you will also receive free shipping, which is yet another bonus.

rossling co watches 2

Want to help start a brilliant new watch company? Their Kick Starter campaign is still running for another 28 days and you can still get in on the early deals if you’d like to own one of these. Everyone from Team Luxury Branded wishes tons of success to The Rossling brothers, and I know that I personally cannot wait to get my watch in the mail.

You can read other posts on the watch by @WornandWound as well as @CrowdLifted.

Kick Starter:

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