Residencia Gorila Tulum – Kickstarter Campaign

Tulum Beach - Riviera Maya

Tulum Beach near Residencia Gorila.

Over the last few months I’ve been exploring the Riviera Maya and enjoying all the beauty it’s natural and cultural environment have to offer. One great day I was taken out by Stephan of Cream Hotel to tour the coast of Tulum and check out some of his boutique vacation rentals. One unique spot he took me to was Gorila Residence, which is a combination of a vacation rental condo and artist studio.

Gorila Residence in Tulum

Residencia Gorila in Tulum.

It’s nestled on the edge of a jungle, minutes away from the serene white sand beaches (and beach clubs) of Tulum. While open to any guests looking for a private stay surrounded by lush nature, perfect beaches and interesting neighbors. It attracts artists from all over by offering them special rates or free stays. From their residence, they produce and collaborate on all kinds of artistic expression, from painting, graphic design, photography,  video production and more.

Gorila Residence in Tulum Riviera Maya

Besides their artistic projects, they are heavily involved in the helping the community, promoting the local culture and preserving the environment. And while our focus here at Luxury Branded is luxury of course, which is usually just valued by how high the price is. Us, like many out there, consider not just the money value, but the luxury of the time and opportunity to enjoy nature, culture and all forms of art. Thanks to groups like Residencia Gorila working to keep Tulum beautiful, from the environment to culture to art, they are providing a luxury that money can’t replace tomorrow without the efforts they put in everyday.

View from the Gorilla Residence rooftop.

View from the Gorilla Residence rooftop.

They are currently running a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the variety of projects they have. Each goes to support a range of local causes, from wildlife, environmental, cultural and sustainable energy. From pledging to their campaign, their gifts range from a stay in their residence, local original artwork, a vacation package featuring local nature tours, day trips, scuba diving lessons and dinners. Their top pledges will join the Gorila Crew on a private yacht to the stunning Isla Mujeres, where you’ll swim with whale sharks and giant manta rays.

Gorila Residence paintings

Art from Residencia Gorila.


For full details, visit their campaign on Kickstarter.

Even if you can’t contribute to their cause, staying with them will be an amazing experience on its own, so make sure to visit them at


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