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Finally you can now register .Luxury domains since April 10th and while they didn’t make the biggest splash in the news, they’re still worth thinking about. While we haven’t jumped the gun and bought up a bunch mainly because they’re $799 USD per year….

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I don’t foresee luxury companies building a brand from a domain with a .luxury extension but we’ll have to wait and see. I understand the initial rush of domainers will take place and the core names will be scooped up where we can expect to see them on the auction block… For twice their price within a month.

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Where Can You Register .Luxury Domains?

The initial push for the .Luxury TLDs was enough to get most of the large registrars open for business on April 10th. I didn’t find a whole lot this week amongst the blogosphere although the best post possible by Michael over at found out that;

Many luxury jewelry brands including watch manufacturers, participated along with fashion designers, auto makers, and Champagne producers including Chanel, Prada, Cartier, Chopard, Dior, Jimmy Choo; Versace, Harry Winston, Escada, Bugatti, Maserati, Rolls Royce, BMW, Patek, Panerai, Montblanc, Baccarat, Perrier Jouet and Krug to name a few.

He also goes on to list a bunch of key domains registered already and I suspect a few hundred more will get snapped up as the weeks go on. If you’re going to be investing in the .Luxury TLD let us know your thoughts, or let us know if you think it’s another “land grab”.

You can grab your domain now over at

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