Rare Lamborghini Diablo GT 2000 For Sale

This modern classic Lamborghini from the year 2000 is also a rare one, with only 80 Diablo GTs ever made (with one sitting on display at the Lamborghini Factory Museum).

Rare Lamborghini Diablo GT 200 for sale

2000 Lamborghini Diablo GT

Two of my favourite supercars have always been the Lambo Countach and Diablo and I always thought they both looked best in black or white. But this Diablo GT isn’t your regular black, it’s finished in a exclusive Star Light Majestic Metallic Black. Only 5 Diablo GTs were gifted with this sublime shade and 2000 was the only year they used this color. It’s matched with classic Lambo black rims with a black Alcantara leather interior. Now for the most exclusive aspect of this supercar, is it was built for the European market, with only a few making it to the states for race teams. This is the only Diablo GT actuallt titled and plated for street use in America.

This Diablo GT was the fastest production car at the time for 1999/2000, with a top speed of 210 mph (338 km/h). This was thanks to a different aluminum 6.0L V12 engine found in other Diablos, producing 567 hp at 7300 rpm to just the rear wheels. Its modified engine brings new ultra-light magnesium and titanium parts, an “individual intake system” which throttle controls each cylinder and other upgrades. For street use, it uses their Exhaust Noise Control System to control the two engine cooling radiators and the noise produced.

Luggage set for the Lamborghini Diablo GT 2000

Besides the lighter engine, the whole car is also lighter, thanks to carbon fiber parts, which were rare even in supercars at the time. The body was also widened in the front track, an improved chassis and a reduced weight suspension, giving it superior handling to other Diablos. This model was also came with pretty much any and all the top OEM extras. from the full Carbon Fiber Weave wing, carbon fiber racing bucket seats, the first rearview full colour camera. HID headlights and even OEM luggage. It sits on new Pirelli Rossa Corsa tires and straps you in with a full 3-point harness. And if you’re not already drooling, check this exact car in action, featured in Jay Leno’s garage! It’s for currently for sale at $488,888 through the DuPont Registry.

See this Diablo GT in Jay Leno’s Garage:

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