Private Jet Charter Marketing Week

Next week we’re going to be covering jet charter marketing strategies and marketing advice for the modern charter brand. We do a lot of marketing in the private jet charter industry and we still see a lot of companies afraid to tackle the online strategies, that or even have a website that doesn’t look a decade too old. You’re going to want to subscribe to our newsletter and Facebook feed so you don’t miss all the action as some of the content is going to be on LinkedIn and other websites.

I’m hoping to get the private jet charter management community together to talk about utilizing new media and bold marketing tactics within the industry. There are a lot of unique opportunities arising from social media providing a sales platform that’s basically limitless. We’re in the pockets of affluent travelers the globe over and tapping into it is actually quite exciting.

I recently wrote about Jet Smarter and Jeremy Piven and how they capitalized on a key charter to garner a lot of good press. They literally connected with an “a-list” celebrity through Instagram and had Jeremy Piven commenting on their account thanking them for a great flight.

jetsmarter piven
We’re also going to talk a lot about strategies that are not easy to implement, nor are they all that cheap. But I won’t leave you hanging with nothing either. The last post of the week long jet charter marketing will go into more guerrilla style marketing strategies for the private jet industry that will help get more for less.

Look to #privatejetmarketing for the online discussion!

Part 1) Using Instagram To Find Jet Charter Clients
Part 2) Private Aviation Press Strategies

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