Press Releases Can Induce Google Penalties

We do a lot of press release work with our clients and coming from a SEO background we know what NOT to do. Most companies waste everyone’s time promoting news that isn’t news, and this is something we will never do. Finally Google has come around to make it official.

From Google’s Guide On Link Schemes.
press release google penalties

This is really no surprise as you should not be picking your own keyword-rich anchor text to rank for specific keywords. As a luxury brand you should never have to do this, ever. It’s too risky and your amazing products and services should be quality enough to attract all the natural links you’re going to need.

Make Sure You Have Real News

Don’t bring trash to the table and stick to real news that real journalists will want to cover. This is where the link value lies and where you’ll get naturally earned links.

I really have nothing more to say other than I’d like to hear from you folks on this subject.

Ryan Clark

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