This Luxury Hotel In The North Pole Is Open For One Month Only

A new and exciting northern destination is now made possible thanks to the amazing team over at Luxury Action, and it’s a very exclusive offering for one month only. They are well known for their unique and action packed adventures in the Arctic and Nordic countries. The upcoming North Pole Igloos are a luxury experience in the month of April only that will offer guests a night in one of the most remote places on earth.

North Pole Igloos Luxury Hotel

The mostly glass and sustainable pods are movable and offer guests a comfortable place to stargaze while keeping the chill off.Despite these luxury igloos having floor to ceiling glass, they are fully heated and stocked with just the right amounts of comforts. There will be a washroom inside, storage, a comfortable bed and I would guess a small fridge to keep that bubbly on chill.

Since these little glass luxury igloos can be easily moved, you are always in the safest place as well you don’t have to worry so much about the weather. This $105,000 USD three day experience starts with a two-night stay in Slavbard before making your way to the North Pole. It requires a two-hour helicopter ride from Slavbard to the North Pole ice camp where you’ll be staying the night.

Guests will find themselves being transported to a glacier where they will be checked into their luxury igloo hotel in the North Pole. Completing a night here puts you on a small list of people who have actually stayed overnight, so stay up as late as you can. There’s no better option on earth that provides such an unfiltered, front row view to the northern lights in all their glory.

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