Nicolas Cage’s Wrecked Lamborghini Diablo VT Alpine

It seems the celebrity owned cars are hitting the market right now as I just posted about Donald Trump’s 97 Diablo yesterday, and now today good ol’ Nicky Cage. These cars were the ultimate supercar and still are quite sought after although sadly this one has quite the amount of damage. The owner who bought the car from Nicholas Cage was changing the lane to go on the Exit ramp and did not see a Saturn that pulled up to his right rear Quarter panel. This caused him to spin out damaging the other side Quarter panel which you can see in the pictures below.

This 1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT Alpine is one of 12 made during the year to celebrate the relationships between Automobili Lamborghini and Alpine Car Audio. Before you think this is just a Lamborghini with a wicked stereo you’d be wrong. The twelve VT’s were fitted with state of the art Alpine equipment including their radar/laser detection system, and the CVA-1005 Alpine Multimedia station with the integrated navigation system. Of course this Diablo was packing an Alpine DVD player, 6 disk CD changer, Alpine tweeters, a banging midrange and a massive sub woofer that may or may not be heard over the engine rumble.

The massive V12 engine came stock and no extra tuning was performed on her. The subtle changes include the Roadster type front and rear bumpers together with the rims. The Alpine Editions were chromed with gold plated fixing screws with a color coded SV style rear wing was mounted featuring a Carbon Fiber adjustable fin.

This car is currently for sale via Ebay for $85,000 USD and is located in Denver Colorado. The owner is a Lamborghini fanatic and approximates the repair costs to be around $10,000 USD. You can check out the seller who is very well known in the Lamborghini world.

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