A New Print Magazine With A UHNW Reach

I’ve recently wrote about DG Amazing Experiences and was talking with Dan over at Luxurious Magazine and was informed that they’re going to print. What’s kind of exciting and unique about that is the fact they’ve done it kind of backwards, something we’re fans of here at LB. They’ve built one of the largest and most successful online media networks within the luxury space, and now they’re attacking print.

How can a new print magazine already have a UHNW reach? Well, having those kinds of connections come with having such a great team and that’s what has happened here. Luxurious Magazine print edition is simply called “Luxurious” and its first issue will be in front of jet-set traveler’s across the globe. Their distribution channels include a number of London’s finest and most expensive hotels, aboard every jet of the worlds second largest private jet charter and management brand, Michelin starred restaurants, Harley street clinics and exclusive member clubs.

“The magazine is so exclusive that you won’t be able to buy it or subscribe to it;The only way to get your hands on a copy is to be in one of the places frequented by our extremely wealthy readers”

With the first issue due out mid August 2016 it looks to be full of amazing editorials and features you’re not going to see anywhere else, online or off. The first issue is 164 pages aimed at both men and women featuring the latest and greatest in luxury across the globe.

This is yet another amazing opportunity to reach UHNW individuals offline when they’re relaxing and on vacation. I’m definitely going to be shifting some of our clients this way, as well backed with Luxurious Magazine’s large affluent online audience.

Read More: http://www.luxuriousmagazine.com/
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Email Advertising: Dan Ambrose dan@luxrs.com

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