Meet The New CEO of Genesis Motors North America

Mark Del Rosso was just named the CEO of Genesis Motors North America and this is a very smart move by Hyundai in my opinion. Mark Del Rosso is not an unfamiliar name for anyone who follows luxury car companies, he’s done great things at Audi, Bentley and Lexus over the years.

The Genesis car brand itself has been separate from Hyundai for nearly four years now and has slowly been making its mark within the luxury car industry. From their home delivery to the exceptional value for money, Genesis Motors has done something not a whole lot of other car companies are able to do.

The Genesis car brand has been growing steadily and with the proven track record Mark brings to the table, they’re surely set to push deeper into the luxury auto trenches. Their line of sedans have been racking up awards and the incoming 2020 models are looking better than ever in my opinion. What I’ve been wondering about, as well as others, is when are they going to launch a sports car?

We know that plans for SUVs are in the works, most likely sooner than later, as well as their Essentia Concept which is proof the need for speed will be satisfied soon. I for one look forward to seeing what they bring to the table next and wish Mark the best of luck in his new position…even though he doesn’t need any luck.

Ryan Clark

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