The Metatron Statue By Donna McCain

I was browsing James Edition over my morning coffee this morning and came across this very unique piece of contemporary art that caught my eye right away. That first picture you see here above showcases just how dominant of a piece it is as it stands out in the room. However, the closer you get a different story emerges as there are many minute details which make this statue a work of art.

Being a child of the 80’s, the word Metatron conjures of images of the villain from Transformers. However this piece has a different meaning, and Metatron is the highest of the archangels and stands for the I Am Consciousness.

metatron statue donna mccain

Up close is where you get to see the real magic in Donna’s work in that blend of materials and gemstones crafted with a unique mixed-media technique. As stated above, it’s listed with James Edition and has an asking price of $113,126.78 USD.

If you’re interested in this one of a kind piece you can find Oliver Eberlein’s contact details in the listing. To find out more about artist Donna McCain and her work please visit her website to see more incredible pieces and learn about her unique creation process.

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