This Luxury Startup Wants To Put Passengers Into Cargo On Flights

I recently heard about this luxury startup and it caught my attention and thought it was a neat idea that could definitely come to fruition if done right. Imagine floor to ceiling windows in a private suite for only you and your guests to enjoy during long haul flights. Let’s take a look at the possibilities that this luxury startup is presenting, and showcase the many styles of luxury cabins possible that would surely enhance flights with a new and very exciting way to fly.

So just how is the EarthBay concept designed to work? Well, it basically replaces the cargo door on large passenger planes, and it is composed of large window sets which are reinforced by a metallic frame structure. This is clearly not a space for those who have a fear of heights and or flying, but for those who want the best seat in the house..literally.

I personally love the concept and it is something I think would even pull clients away from private charter just due to the unique vantage point you get setup with here. Not only is the view the main draw, there are a number of arrangements possible that should entice airliners to want to install these to drive more profit.

Possibilities include a suite with a bed so you can rest in comfort with that view, and then enjoy a great sleep if you’re on a long flight. It doesn’t stop there either as airliners could put in multiple seats for a new class of premium seating, or turn the cargo space turned suite into a private dining experience in the sky. One thing is certain though, you slap in bed in there and you’ve now got the coolest “Mile High Club” experience on the planet so make sure you stock fresh sheets.

The EarthBay company is still in its early stages of design, patents and concepts but I think this idea has legs. Keeping in mind I am not paid by the company, nor even in contact with them, so I will mention that they are looking for funding at this stage and I’d like to see this project come to light.

EarthBay Concept Gallery

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