Luxury Space Hotels & Travel Experiences Coming In The Near Future

The future of luxury travel is looking to the stars as there are more than a few companies currently developing space tourism offers that are quite literally out of this world. Those looking to become astronauts will be happy to know that experience is just around the corner, and up in a rocket. Not only that, but luxury space hotels are being planned and space tourism in general is truly about to lift off.

I recently caught a report from CNN about a new contender in the space tourism race is the Von Braun space station being developed by Gateway Foundation over in California. The company says by 2027 they will have a fully functional and ready to visit its one part luxury hotel, one part space-cruise orbiting the earth.

The Von Braun is made up of 24 modules, all which will play their part in this rotating space station that will have many comforts of home, just with a different view. Why a rotating wheel? Well, this design creates a simulated gravity that will keep guests upright while floating in space.

Each module will have a different function from restaurant to bar, to private villa and hotel residence. This is an ambitious project and those first to experience it are in for a treat.

The Von Braun is not, however, the only space experience setting its sights on a launch.

Want to be an astronaut?

The Aurora Space Station is a privately funded company looking to offer a space tourism aspect. This luxury hotel provides more of an astronaut experience and is not for those looking for a quick ride. The Aurora Space Station experience will cost each person $9,500,000 USD per person, and requires you to undergo a three month training program.

luxury space hotels and tourism

A space tourism option like this is becoming more and more plausible due to the amount of rocket based companies rapidly creating a “more affordable” earth to orbit transportation option. The company is planning to offer a trip of a lifetime that will accommodate four travelers and two crew members. All that training will prepare you for the 12-day stay that has you 200 miles above the earth partaking in science experiments, astronaut work, a bit of relaxing as you orbit the earth below.

Jeff Bezos Is Entering The Space Tourism Race

Another billionaire wanting to bring people to space is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and his Blue Origin aims to let you live on the moon… eventually. It’s rumoured they will have some form of operations up and running by 2024, but that mission won’t involve space tourists quite yet.

Thanks to the lowering cost of access to space due to their reusable launch vehicles, becoming a space tourist will be within reach in our lifetime. The below picture is what the New Shepard transport ship will look like, and it will provide aspiring astronauts with an eleven minute float above the thin limb of the atmosphere.

Blue Origin Space Tourism

I foresee this being a very popular bucket list experience as it seems the most accessible to not just the ultra-rich segment. This won’t require a three month long training program, but just two days training in Texas before your journey into space. Your training will include mission and vehicle overviews and important safety briefings. You will also have a mission simulation experience and instructions on your in-flight activities. Once in space you’ll know how to handle operational procedures, use the comms and how to maneuver in a zero gravity.

Virgin Galactic Is Near Ready

Perhaps the most familiar to everyone is the Virgin Galactic project which finally and successfully had a crew test flight last December, which means customer trips are not far off now at all. They have already been granted their FAA commercial space launch license so there isn’t much holding them back now.

The plan still is to charge $250,000 USD per person to take a flight, but Branson himself said he would like to see that price drop to round $40,000 USD per person. There are enough UHNW clients out there right now though as the Virgin Galactic team has seen major interest from all over the globe.

virgin galactic space tourism

Considering that Virgin Galactic’s customer backlog would single-handedly double the total number of humans to have ever gone to space, it sure will be an interesting decade ahead. They have over 600 reservations from over 60 countries which works out to around $80 million in total collected deposits. I think it’s safe to say the flat-earth conspiracy theorists are going to need to move onto another topic after they can see for themselves.

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