Luxury Real Estate Video Marketing Needs To Stand Out More Going Into 2020

Luxury real estate video marketing is getting a bit stale as of late and I thought we could talk about ways to invigorate and uplift your strategy going into 2020. While I admit, we don’t make videos for our clients ourselves but rather outsource the work to local talent in the area our client works in. However, we do have had a lot of input and creative design working with producers to spice up their property videos and there’s a lot of room to do better from what we see.

We’re heading into 2020 with our luxury real estate clients with the mindset that we need to start producing much better videos beyond just aerial footage synced to cool music. I’ve been saving up a few examples of videos I really enjoy seeing as they go beyond the norm, and venture more towards the style of Hollywood or that of a “Youtuber” style production.

Here’s a prime example of a great luxury real estate listing video, however these are a dime a dozen nowadays.

Before I give actual examples of luxury real estate video marketing I’m talking about, I’ll try and drive home some points to keep in mind for your next video shoot. Since you’re marketing a luxury property, the budget usually tends to be on the higher side which means some leeway for creativity and extra help. Not only that, but equipment and talent doesn’t need to have a Hollywood budget to produce something that can go viral.

The hardest part of it all is coming up with an idea that will stand out and get the necessary attention you want. Doing something different in a smart, fun way can lead to a lot of views online and that’s the overall goal here. The other major benefit of a creative luxury real estate video marketing campaign is that once the organic shares, likes and tags start rolling in the less you have to pay into a PPC budget.

Spice Up Your Luxury Real Estate Video Marketing

luxury real estate video production marketing

So what the hell am I getting at then? To make it short and simple, I’m encouraging you to create a listing video that showcases the lifestyle and “feel” of the home you’re selling. Each listing has its own vibe and I’d like to see more storytelling within luxury real estate marketing videos to draw people in.

You want that listing video to encourage people to tag their friends, share it and talk about it which all keeps the marketing campaign flowing. These kinds of videos not only entice the viewer to do all that and watch it until the end, but you have a real chance to get more out of your marketing than just a video view. We’ve had client videos generate hundreds of thousands of views, score dozens upon dozens of press hits and generate seller leads like you wouldn’t believe.

Luxury Real Estate Video Marketing Example 1

I’ve been a big fan of Tyler Whitman of Triplemint ever since he joined the cast of Million Dollar Listing New York this past season. We don’t work with him but I wanted to showcase his attempt at making a more fun luxury real estate listing video. While it doesn’t quite hit the mark where it will go viral, this is what I think is a first attempt and getting out of the box and trying to do something a bit different.

While I don’t want to be all judgemental on my high horse here, I do applaud him for stepping out of the box a bit. The video had me stick around to the end which is a win in itself, I however wasn’t rushing to tag a friend or submit it to Facebook to show others. That’s ok, we certainly know how hard it is to come up with an idea that will go viral and actually pull it off. The first step is attempting something and finding a groove that works for you.

Luxury Real Estate Video Marketing Example 2

When The Smith Group first put out this listing video it had a lot of mixed reviews, both bad and good…such is life on the Internet. This is what a $50,000 USD luxury video marketing budget looks like and some agents were scratching their heads after watching it. Some thought it was too silly, some thought it was great and in the end so many people talked about it and shared it that it got hundreds of thousands of views. Say what you will, but barely 5% of listing videos get half that.

luxury real estate viral video marketing

The naysayers online don’t really get the California market or lifestyle, as well not every UHNW buyer is over the age of fifty so this played out really well for them. At the end of the day this home got sold in a relatively quick fashion and their whole video marketing game has been going strong ever since.

Luxury Real Estate Video Marketing Example 3

I’ve got a lot of respect for the work the folks at RUHM put out over the years and I’d be lying if I said I don’t pay attention to what they’re always up to. Their video marketing and production skills are top notch and this video has been one of my favorites. It showcases the home, the location and the humor is spot on which makes it all come together. This of course did go quite viral and I’m sure it has netted their agency more than a few new leads over the past year.

Make 2020 Viral

Hopefully this give you a bit of inspiration and the desire to step up your luxury real estate video marketing efforts going into 2020 and beyond. Feel free to reach out to us to talk about what can be done, as well we’d love to see your favorite viral and creative listing videos in the comments below.

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