“High” End Gear for The Affluent 420er

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I know this is still a touchy subject for a lot of people around the world so I wasn’t sure about covering this topic or not. I also wasn’t too sure about putting the made up word “420er” in the title either..must be the the whacky tobacky. I’m from British Columbia which is on the west coast of Canada, and here it’s something that’s engrained in our culture. Certainly with my generation it wasn’t as demonized growing up and mostly was something that was enjoyed in the comfort of ones home without bothering anyone.

Politics aside, we can not ignore the fact that marijuana is not only big business, it’s a booming business with a future looking towards legalization in most of North America. This will open up the market quite a bit and will definitely make room for all sorts of products. Today however, we’re going to be looking at what’s already out there that definitely would be consider a high end “luxury” item. I also found a good mix of available art, travel experiences and strange items some of you collectors might be interested in.

// A Gentlemen’s Vaporizer

This is what happens when California’s marijuana culture clashes with the chic digital startup world of San Francisco. The Ambassador Kit from GentlemansVapes.com has been compared to the design style of apple, and the functionality of a swiss army knife. This double pen vaporizer kit has the ability to vaporize oils, herbs and acts as an electronic cigarette.

// $30,000 Pirate Ship Bubbler x Most Expensive Bong In The World

I had to dig deep to find out about this amazing piece of glass work and still not a whole lot is known. What I could find out is that this piece costs $30,000 USD and you can view it at Illuzion in Denver, CO. This is most definitely a one of a kind and the most expensive bong in the world at the moment.

// Scott Deppe’s “Take Me 2 the Mothership “Bubbler

This $20,000 glass blown stunner is definitely one of a kind and sadly needing to go to a good home. It currently is on display in Long Beach at The GooseFire Gallery for the time being. Scott Deppe is well known for his work and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next. Thanks to HighPriorityGlass.com for the picture.


// Adam Whobrey x Steve Hops Hod Rod Bubbler

Here’s another example of craftsmanship I’ve never seen before in blown glass. You can see that Adam Whobrey has a lot of talent and creates all sorts of amazing pieces. I cannot imagine this is for anything more than show but you never know with stoners. I for one would not want the task of trying to clean this piece, even if it does cost just shy under $20,000 USD.


// The RooR Excalibur

For a $15,000 price tag, and only two in existence(that I know of) you won’t be seeing this at your local head shop. B-Real of Cypress Hill commissioned his name to be attached to this project which was done by RooR in Germany.


// Scott Deppe “Grateful 4 Mushrooms” bubbler

Scott makes out list once again here for his wild works, but this piece is only slightly under $13,000 USD. This bubbler is 11 pieces skillfully put together and has so many features that I implore you to just read the product page I linked up.

// The Vapor Room San Fran

I’ve been scouring the web to find a more upscale and high-end lounge and so far I’ve been having trouble. The Vapor Room in San Francisco is certainly something that came up a lot, and luckily they have a good marketing department. This video showcases their lounge and selection which is backed by a caring and knowledgable staff.

// SPARC in San Francisco

Another SF dispensary that is more on the upscale side of things although I’m not a member so I couldn’t comment further. The goal here is a safe environment but most importantly to create a sense of community. They do this with jazz nights, free q/a time with a local lawyer, support groups and other medicinal services. SPARC is the future in my opinion and I’m glad to see SF continuing to thrive in this industry.

// Burberry Hemp Suit

Hemp is a wondrous product that without a doubt will be a one of the largest crops once again. Burberry makes one of the nicest hemp based suits on the market, but that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Our friends at Mr. Porter have this suit on sale for 50% off as well which is quiet the deal this time of year. Hemp is such a durable fiber as well as breathable so I don’t know why most suits aren’t made from this product more often. Dolce & Gabbana also have a hemp suit but to me it looks awful.

// 420 Water From New Zealand

To be honest I have no idea what the New Zealand company was thinking naming it 420 but either way, it’s a high end water product that sports a pretty obvious brand theme(imho). This water comes from New Zealand and it won Best PET Bottle and Best Press Marketing Campaign back in 2004 in Italy at the bottled water world design awards. I’ve only ever seen it at a couple hotels I’ve stayed in, but if you’re interested to know more check out

// What Did I Miss?

I’d like to hear from you folks on what I missed out on. I actually had a somewhat hard time finding luxury “420” products on the market. I don’t imagine this will be the case for long as it moves towards legalization so I will continue to add to this post if you add your product links in the comments.

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