Luxury KitKats Are Launched By Nestle In The Uk

Nestle has launched its first ever luxury KitKats for the upcoming holiday season, and being someone who loves chocolate a little bit too much, they’ll certainly get a mention from me on our luxury blog. This special KitKat bar will allow customers to pick from 1,500 flavor combinations, and if you want, personalized packaging as well.

These fantastic looking luxury KitKats are coming to the UK as Nestlé unveils the KitKat Chocolatory, a place where you can go and make your own. The KitKat Chocolatory will be put in thirty John Lewis & Partners shops across the United Kingdom, and then direct from Nestlé through a new online shop before the end of the year and just in time for the holidays.

luxury kitkat nestle

Every luxury KitKat sold through the Chocolatory is of course hand-crafted by expert chocolatiers throughout the UK. The famous eight-finger ‘Create Your Break’ bars will be made to order based on the choices of shoppers from the range of ingredients available. Will they taste any better? The experience itself is sure to excite the customer enough, although that’s a no-brainer as KitKats are one of their best selling chocolates.

With vast number of possible creations, I’d expect this campaign is going to be a huge hit with a lot of repeat orders on tap. I just wish this was being offered here in North America, but perhaps we’ll see how well this campaign does out there across the pond.

So what is the price of a luxury, hand-crafted Kitkat bar going to run you? Well about $20 USD per luxury Kitkat bar which puts it on par with a lot of other high end chocolate bar brands on the market.

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